Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Catching Up - Part 2 (Starting Over)

Love, love, love our new flooring in the living/dining room, Command Center and hallway. However, there is no relaxing...we have two bedrooms yet to do. I can't deny, it is slightly disheartening to have to start over :( I keep telling myself there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Our plan was to move everything out of both bedrooms. I took a day off work to do that so when husband got home from work we could get right to old floor removal...the dreaded funky carpet/padding and parquet tiles again.
We stacked everything up here - in my beautiful new living room. Unfortunately, the second room didn't get completely emptied because we ran out of room and probably we ran out of steam too. There came a point we had to face reality we were going to have to do the bedrooms one at a time.
Since we didn't want to carry all the funky stuff across out nice new floors we employed a different disposal method.

My husband handed me stacks and stacks and stacks of those parquet tiles through the window. I carried them across the yard to the deck. By this point I was exhausted and hurt everywhere. I confess my crabbies were starting to rage :(  I believe this was the most emotionally and physically draining day of the remodel so far. Seeing all our stuff in a pile really makes me think - what am I doing with all that??  I will be making some hard choices as things go back into the room...I just have to let some of it go. Truth is I know once it is gone I probably won't even miss it. Shh...don't tell my husband I said that.

The evening ended with the dirtiest knees I have EVER seen.

Once all the flooring was out we tag teamed the clean up. My husband scrapped the residual adhesive and I followed him with the shop vac.

After a hot shower and a handful (exaggeration) of Aleve I was never so glad to sink into bed. This is our temporary nest. As soon as our bedroom floor is finished we will move what we can back to that room and finish clearing out this room so we can start over one last time.
I am super excited to finish this project, but I am also intimidated by the massive reorganizing project I have ahead of me. Clearly there is too much stuff (scroll back up to our stuffed living room.)  The spare room is going to be my sewing/craft room and I will need to shed some things so I can truly enjoy it.

We had to do a little leveling in the bedroom. After the leveler dries my husband takes an orbital sander to it to sooth any rough edges. After he put the vapor barrier down we realized there was a bit of a bump. So we had to peel back one corner of the vapor barrier and resand. That things sends up a tremendous amount of dust. This might not have been the best idea to contain the dust. Thankfully, I rescued my husband before he completely choked on the dust.
My husband plans to install the underlayment after work. Then tomorrow morning he will start the laminate. Fingers crossed that they can finish the bedroom in one day and then finish the last bedroom by the end of the weekend.

Last night we skipped the opportunity to eat out. We were actually out for our 1231st trip to Home Depot and passed White Castle - mmm cheese fries. I think we are just so sick of eating out we agreed to eat cereal for dinner and cruised right by the cheese fries. Before I ate I went out to my neglected garden and picked green beans. I realized I better eat some or they are all going to be wasted (we already have some in the fridge from the last picking). I sauteed them with a sliced Turkey Andouille Sausage. Our toaster recent died so I toasted a piece of bread in the frying pan before cooking the beans and sausage.

Last night's dinner was so good...and I have many more, guess what I had for breakfast. Yep, I made another batch. Not your most conventional breakfast, but I am off to a great start in the daily veggie department!

Now that my computer back up and running I hope not to be such a stranger in these blogging parts. And when this project is finished I will need you all to give me a kick in the hiney and get back to working out and eating better.


  1. I feel your pain on the flooring. I promise that there is a light at the end of the tunnel though! Plus, organizing can be fun, right?

    1. One of my niece's little friends loves to it wrong to pay a 12 year old to organize your house??

  2. I'm exhausted just reading about this project! Your breakfast looks delicious :)

  3. Sounds like y'all are making good progress at least and it will be so worth it when it is all said and done!

    1. Definitely worth it...when we are done!

  4. Your house is going to look AWESOME!

  5. Replies
    1. It was a good reminder how yummy veggies are after eating a bunch of junk.