Friday, January 8, 2016

I Can Do It For A Week

Officially, one week in on the new year and I am doing well. I haven't done as much walking as I would like, but my eating is WAY better. I was super happy to see that better eating paid off on the scale - down 4.8 pounds! I can not remember the last time that happened.

I have been making so many more good decisions. The times I have made a poor choice...I tried to follow it up with a good choice the next time. For example, in the past after I have weighed-in I have had a tendency to "treat myself" (code for - eat whatever I want then try to get it reined back in before I think it will start to show up on the next weigh-in.) Yesterday, I debated all morning if I was going to eat out for lunch or eat the lunch I had brought. I had actually planned for this lunch I brought to be a bit of a treat - a snacky cheese plate kinda lunch. I didn't count up the calories, but looking at the plate I feel pretty good about it. The splurge was the cream cheese with pepper onion relish.

Part of what pushed me to eat the lunch I brought is that I knew my husband wanted to order pizza last night. He is starting a weight loss competition today and wanted "one last pizza." I knew I could limit how much pizza I ate, but his favorite place has super cheesy pizza and even a couple of pieces is an extra caloric investment.

The other day I wasn't hungry by my usual lunch time, so I went to do errands before eating lunch. By the time I was finished errands, you guessed it, I was starving. Instead, of grabbing fast food I picked out one of my favorite frozen dinners - Smart Ones Tuna Casserole. I am not sure why it is a favorite, but it has been ever since I was in Weight Watchers trying to lose weight back in my 20s. It hit the spot for way less calories than fast food.

Speaking of fast food. This no-eating in the car thing is tough. I don't think I realized how much I ate in the car or how much I think about eating while in the car. I know I have used the car to hide what I eat in the past. Hopefully, by the time I am finally allowed to eat in our new car I will have broken some seriously bad habits. In the meantime, I am driving the "okay-to-eat-in" car today. I am going to need some extra strength!

Speaking of choices...why is it that when we are making poor choices in our diet, we don't let the funky feeling it ends up giving us push us to make better choices? It is almost like I don't know that the way I am eating is dragging me down until I start eating better again. Even though I have been through that cycle a gazillion times. I feel like I have to eat well first and then it is "oh I like this feeling better when I eat better." I am determined to work on this area. One observation I have made is that it seems eating more sweets increases my general pain levels. When I discussed it with my doctor doesn't seem to agree that is true, but if my body is telling me otherwise...I need to make some adjustments. Chronic pain stinks.

My Nightly Notes got a shout out on a new blog I am following Believing in Myself! (check it out). I love my little notebook and am quickly becoming very attached to this new habit. The standout reminder from the past few days was to address my key chain situation. Since we bought the Camry, I have been juggling two sets of keys. The new Camry keys are bulky with their auto lock and automatic start features. I was dreading consolidating and streamlining the two key chains. The only time I would remember to do it was when I was already digging in my purse to find the other set or when I was trying to determine the correct key for the house, while trying not to fling groceries everywhere. True story - I have had two identical looking keys side my side on my key chain forever and almost every time I opened the house door I had to try both keys before I found the one that worked. It was so frustrating! Why do we let ourselves go on like that for so long before doing something about it. Perhaps it is because the next thing happens and we forget until we are juggling groceries at the door again trying to figure out which is the right key. However this time, when it crossed my mind, even though I couldn't stop to do it at that moment I, at least, had a second to jot it in my notebook. Later that day, I re-read my list, grabbed the keys and did it. Do you have any idea how much simpler life is when you only have one house key, one work key and the car keys on your key ring??  I am no longer a  frustrated maniac outside every door I need to open. 
My notebook is even spilling over at work. Yesterday, I said enough is enough and cleared two big stacks of files off my desk. No, I didn't through them in the trash. I rearranged the overstuffed file drawers (moving some to boxed storage) so I could file the stacks from my desk. Having a clear space on my desk makes room for the next project :)

I have been swept up by all the blogs I read that have mention reading more as a new year's goal. I love to read, but in recent years I have only read a handful of books. Truth is my eyes have become "old lady eyes" and it makes it more difficult to read without bright light. Getting new glasses needs to go on my to-do list, right? The pain in my hands also makes it difficult to hold books for a long time. My husband bought me a Kindle which helps with the holding and I can make the print larger, but I don't want to have to buy all the books. I was so excited about reading again I bought a "bargain" book for $2 on my Kindle the other night, A Love Most Dangerous, but this particular book is not working for me. I don't care for the writing style and I don't much care for the main character yet. I am a big fan of historical fiction, especially related to King Henry VIII's era, which reminds me I should see if Philippa Gregory has anything new out.

About 10 years ago when I was unemployed for a year, I decided to apply at a local library just for part-time work and to explore if library work was something I would like. I had toyed for awhile with going back for my masters in library science. I ended up working at this library for about two years (continuing after I had found a full-time job). I work in the same town as "my" library, so I went over on my lunch break to check out a few things.
It has been so long since I was in there I couldn't remember where to find anything. I even had to use the library catalog - gasp!!
I ended up with this selection. I recently ordered a Cooking Light subscription, but picked up a couple of issues to tide me over until I start receiving my own subscription.My husband wanted to take a look at The Brothers Karamazov. The books I chose for myself were at the suggestion of my ladies group. Ruth Reichl is a chef, food writer and the last editor-in-chief of Gourmet magazine. She has written a couple memoirs and recently her first novel, Delicious! I have started it and I am pretty sure I won't make it back to the novel on my Kindle anytime soon :)
A scene from the bedroom last night - I feel like something has come between us.
And that is how we ended week one of 2016. How did your first week of 2016 go? What has made you particularly proud or excited? 


  1. There are always TONS of freebie books through Authors put their books up free for a day to try to gain more readers. I've read some pretty good books that way (they are usually indie authors or old books). The other thing.....your library probably has e-books that you can 'check out' I LOVE doing this. I search the catalogue at home.....pick my books....they download to my kindle/kindle app. I can return them anytime I want....but when the book is due to be disappears from my kindle. Makes it SUPER easy!!!!

    I love that you are having a splendid start to the new year! You are learning to manage!!!!!
    Thanks for the return shout out! :-)

    1. I need to do a little more investigation on the library ebooks. I was in the library the other day and the guy at the counter didn't know how to work them on the Kindle - said it was a pain on the Kindle. I am sure he can't be right, but I haven't had time to work it out.

  2. Sounds like you are having a great new year beginning!! Keep up the good work :)

    1. Thanks, Lori. I am happy with how it is going so far.

  3. Any time Darrell and I try to read together, I can't resist the urge to talk to him. :) Turns out, he doesn't like to be interrupted when he's trying to read, whereas I don't mind at all. One of the things I was looking for in a partner before I met Darrell was someone I could hang out with and read, so your evening looks pretty perfect to me.
    PS Yummy lunch snack plate!

    1. I think we were the opposite the other night - my husband kept wanting to talk about what he was reading and I wanted to read my book :) I could eat that for lunch most days - snack/healthy lunch all in one.