Monday, May 2, 2016

Birthday Pup

Happy Birthday, to our little Zommie. She is a spry 15 years old. She is a true to her breed sweet and stubborn. Ask Millie who the boss is - no doubt it is Zommie.

I don't think in all the years I have made her wear a birthday hat, but since we have been torturing Millie on her birthdays, it seemed only fair Zommie got a turn. We took some hats and plates out to the farm to "celebrate" with Buddy too. The goal was to get a cute birthday picture of Zommie and her friends (frenemies?)  Here are just a few of the pictures documenting the craziness that ensued. I hope they give you a smile this Monday morning.


 And this is why you don't invite BIG dogs to your party. Millie & Buddy went crazy stealing plates...

And there goes Buddy with the whole stack.  Incidentally, we never got that bag of Snausages open - so much for "easy open" tabs.


Poor Zommie...Buddy kept stealing her hat. I finally got a picture about the third time he stole it :)

Happy Birthday Zommie!  


  1. Happy 15th birthday, Zommie! I really love the senior dogs - their little white faces get me every time. I loved all of the pictures.

  2. Adorable pups with the hats! They didn't seem to bothered about the hats in the pictures!!!!! (Yes pictures are deceiving it was probably all you could do to get the awesome pics!!)

  3. Happy Birthday Zommie! I love the pictures - I cannot imagine trying to get my dogs to do this, but I suspect Oliver would really enjoy watching me try.