Sunday, June 25, 2017

It Isn't Just to Look Good

My husband is super into pork tenderloin at the moment. It seems like they have been less expensive lately, so we have been enjoying the other white meat at least once a week.  I will be sad when asparagus is gone from the more playing flamingo in the jungle.
I knew there was a splurge looming Saturday night so I kept the rest of the day pretty simple. Some quick and trusty Corn Flakes with bananas and a sprinkle of pecans.  Lunch was the last of my stuffed poblanos.
I noticed this guy hard at work in the garden. I have never really gotten a good look at a bee's pollen sacs. I have to be honest they gross me out just a bit...not sure why.

Apparently his work is paying off....we have tons of little green tomatoes.  I hope that means we will see plenty of yellow and red tomatoes in the coming weeks.
Saturday evening we went to a local restaurant to celebrate my oldest niece's college graduation. I ordered the crab cakes from the appetizer menu...this does not look like an appetizer portion to me (there is a second crab cake under this one). It was very tasty and I did not regret ordering it. I did regret ordering a side of fries, but I am happy to say I only ate a few and didn't feel too bad about "wasting" the rest. I also ordered fried pickles to share with the table. I liked them, but you can't eat too many of them. We ended up not finishing them either. I didn't mean to get all fried things (I didn't expect the crab cake to be this "fried" from the menu description). Gold thing I had kept the rest of the day light.
The cool evening were so nice this weekend. I relaxed in the hammock.
Sunday morning I copied a breakfast a friend had posted the other day. She actually posted that she was inspired by me to add a side of apples. I guess I didn't realize how often I have apples. They are just a yummy no brainer side dish. I might have bought too much fruit for this upcoming week. In addition to apples, we got pears, peaches and cherries.
After breakfast, it was time to face a task I have been dreading...yard work. It is super easy to take pictures that make your yard/garden look spectacular. Let me demonstrate.  When we were dating my husband gave me this nice little hydrangea bush with delicate white flowers.
Remember the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and the "love fern" she makes into a barometer of their relationship?  Well, this is our "relationship bush" - looks pretty good, right?
When in truth you have this going on. The weeds have been on fire this year and these crazy grow-a-foot-a-day trees have invaded. With the heat I have been staying indoors, resulting in a landscaping nightmare. When I heard the forecast for this weekend, I knew I was going to have to suck it up and the yard some attention. Notice the wild and craziness of the "relationship bush." :)
As you might have noticed, there are no workout pictures in this post....because I didn't not workout. Though not a "workout" per se, yard work is exactly I anticipate some aching muscles tomorrow, but perhaps not quite as much since I have been building my strength. There is practical value to being stronger and in better shape - it isn't just to look good.
I looked over at these tools and had a random flashback...las herramientas.  After college, I joined the Peace Corps and was sent to Honduras to work in Hillside Agriculture. Since then much of the farming vocabulary has been permanently stuck in my head and pops up randomly  I will share more about my Peace Corp experience in a future post.
This is embarrassing to share - my muscles and I cleared out those whole pile from the yard. I think my husband is going to claim some of it as his work ;)  Either way 2.5 hours of yard work is a legit workout in my book.
After a long shower and a trip to the grocery store, it was time for me to play. :) I found a new recipe on Skinnytaste that I have been eager to try - Cajun Shrimp in Foil. The shrimp got a good dose of Cajun seasoning and extra pepper.
 The recipe made four packets. You lay out the foil and just pile up the ingredients.
 Anything that has a sprinkle of fresh basil has my attention.
The recipe was intended to cook in the oven. but who wants to heat up their kitchen with a 425 degree oven in the summer? I decided to try them on the grill since I had some other grilling to do anyway. The other two packets I kept to put in the freezer for another day.
I was happy with the recipe and will definitely make it again. However, I will make a couple tweaks next time. First more veggies - it was a little bit short of a good portion in my opinion. I think I could easily double the zucchini and peppers. I want to take a closer looks at the recipe because the calories (310) were a little more than I expected for shrimp and veggies. I used half the olive oil that was recommended, so there a few 25 calories saved per serving - next time I won't use any. I was also a little short on shrimp - recipe called for a pound and I had a 12 oz. package. I think this would be delicious on a some spaghetti noodles or rice. EDIT: I forgot to mention although everything gets seasoned I think next time I wouldn't put all the seasoning on the shrimp - they are a little intense. I think next time I will toss the veggies in the seasoning too.
While I had the grill going I made a basket of veggies and chicken legs for lunches this week.
Sunday night was the culinary crown on the weekend. As I mentioned, my husband was celebrating the end of the three month workout program he completed this week. He chose to reward himself with homemade pizza. We each made our own pizza. His creation was covered in green olives, cilantro, pepperoni, jalapenos, peppers, onions and pineapple - not something you pick up at your local pizzeria. With that many toppings it is usually best to cook it in the oven. I, however, went lighter on toppings and cooked it on the grill . First, I grill the dough on one side, flip it over and top the grilled side.

Then it goes back on the grill to cook the other side and all the yummy toppings. I went with thinly sliced zucchini, onions, mushrooms, basil, peppers and a couple slice of pepperoni. It looked prettier before there was a bit of a slip getting it back on the grill and the toppings on top of the cheese slid a bit.

It can be a little tricky getting the toppings cooked without over cooking the bottom of the crust. This time was a bit more color than I would have liked. However, it was still delicious!!
I definitely had some treats this weekend, but I am hopeful I kept a good balance. (Full disclosure there was some ice cream too this weekend). Monday it is back to regularly scheduled workouts. I have restocked our fridge and have some delicious prepped food for this week.

This week I will be putting in extra effort to eat healthy and move this body. Next weekend is my birthday, then 4th of July - I see the splurges coming and I am going to be ready to enjoy them guilt-free.

How was your weekend?  How did you balance work and relaxation? Treats and healthy eating?  What are your goals for this week?


  1. Wow your weekend was busy like mine! Yard work is a TOUGH work out! You definitely earned that ice cream and a little splurge! Plus you've been killing it with your workouts during the week too!

    1. I love having a yard, but I would prefer to have someone maintain it for me :)

  2. What a wonderful weekend!!

    Man, I love all your food. I picked out two Skinny Taste recipes for this week. I'll let you know how they go!

    It does seem high for grilled shrimp. Hmm...

    1. Love that you are trying some new recipes and can't wait to see your results. Yes, I did a re-calculation with the actual ingredients I used and it came out to 194 - perfect to go with a little pasta.

  3. Your weekend was jam packed. The yard work definitely is a major workout.

    We worked on one of the rental houses, I stalling solar lights and some finishing touches to the front porch and painting a new bathroom door. We also spent several hours house hunting. Going to buy a new house... I'm excited.

    1. Can't wait to see what you pick out for your new home. I am hoping we can start looking next year. Must have better kitchen!

  4. I was going to text you the other night because I got a grill pan like that to grill vegetables with, and it was literally life changing. It made me think of you because you and Gary are the grill masters! Eric and I keep talking about doing pizzas on the grill, and I swear I'm going to have to call you and have you talk me through it lol.

    1. That grill basket is great. The only issue I have is that it take up so much space. Yes, you must make grilled pizza it is really isn't too hard.

  5. Ewwww. Yard work is the worst! At least you burned a bajillion calories.

    I love making foil packet meals.

    1. Yep, that is what I kept thinking while doing the yard work...burning calories :) I am excited to try some more foil packet ideas on the grill.