Monday, September 15, 2014

Loving Cool Weather

Time to get serious.  It has been several weeks since I have been hitting the walking due to the heat and humidity and its effect on my body.  I am feeling much better and finally got out for a walk this weekend..

Following a couple days of rain the weather has cooled significantly.  It was 43 degrees Saturday morning and it felt great. We didn't leave the house until after 7 a.m. so it was completely light. I absolutely love cool weather with bright sunshine.

Welcome Fall!
I ended up walking about 2.5 miles. The first mile and a half I was pretty serious.  Although my pace wasn't my best I was satisfied with it after not walking for a few weeks.  I was going about 16 minute/mile.

Near the 2 mile mark I ran into several yard sales.  Uh oh!  I am supposed to stay away from yard sales.  I am on a mission to downsize our junk, so buying other people's junk isn't helpful.  I thought I could at least share what I didn't buy.

Who doesn't love some Dr. Suess characters?

Looks like a good read.

Now, I didn't check the size but I am pretty sure it was too small.  And since I am not allowing myself to buy too small clothes...I had to pass it up :( Sometimes life just isn't fair.

There were some pillow forms that I seriously considered.  They were for the big floor pillows.  I have fabric I could have used to cover them, but ultimately I decided I don't need another project at the moment.  I have plenty of unfinished projects already!

A few years ago this house had a fire in the garage. I like how the redid it.  It is now for sale. They are asking more than I would want to pay, but I would like to see the inside. I am on the lookout for an open house.

Even though the weather is cooler it hasn't solved my walking in the dark dilemma. Since I have not been walking in the morning I have been able to catch up on things around the house.  Morning is by far my most productive time of day. I still get up with my husband and have some quality productive time. I think I am going to start using my lunch hour on a regular basis as my walking time. Unfortunately, this week I am super busy at work and haven't had time for lunch hours...I've just been eating at my desk.

We are entered in a race on Saturday. I am not expecting to have a great time, but I am expecting to have fun and enjoy the experience. The race benefits a child advocacy group and they have the cutest race logo.

Happy Monday, everyone :)


  1. I love seeing all your adventures on your walks. Hope you will be able to find a way to squeeze them in this week! Hope you can get to see if that house has an open house soon! It's cute!

    1. So far I haven't managed a lunch walk (or a lunch break for that matter). Big project will be finished Thursday so I am hoping things will calm down.

  2. I'm loving the cooler weather too!

  3. Cooler weather is wonderful!

    I get the walking in the dark thing. Hope you figure something out!