Friday, September 30, 2016

That Escalated Quickly

I started out well with a good breakfast. Then when I got to work, the chips I had bought the day before were calling me into the kitchen. I know I should have thrown them away (spoiler alert - I still have not thrown them away), but I liked them and want to believe I can eat them appropriately and  in moderation. Anyway, I had a few. Then my husband called and needed me to take the small fry to daycare after preschool. That means I had to use my lunch hour and it allowed me to pass all those fast food places I am trying to avoid. The Lean Cuisine at the office was not sounding good with all those options in front of me. I ended up talking myself into stopping at a fish place I hadn't had in forever - there was a $5 lunch special - fish, shrimp, hush puppies, fries, soda and a cookie. To my credit, I ordered water instead of the soda and didn't eat the hush puppies (truth be told I don't like hush puppies so that was not some virtuous sacrifice on my part). After I ate, I looked up the calories - 790 (not including the cookie because it wasn't listed on the nutrition guide - guessing maybe 200).  So lunch was not good, but not a complete travesty. However, I didn't feel great about myself for splurging. So what did I do later that afternoon? Back into the chips, plus a couple pieces of candy. When I got home we just had a few minutes to eat before heading to the homecoming parade. I ate a turkey sausage in a corn tortilla (150ish calories) and I was fine. At the homecoming parade, the small fry made out like a candy bandit - doesn't hurt to be ridiculously cute :)  I know you know where this is going. I sorted out the candy when we came home, let her have a couple pieces and then after she went to bed I sampled several pieces of the "good stuff" chocolatey, caramely things. Then I thought too much sweet and I didn't eat much for dinner, so I made a cheese quesadilla - sure didn't measure that cheese. At this point, calories were the last thing on my mind.

And there is how it happens. Suddenly, looking back on the day I realize I am that "before" person I have read in all those weight loss stories, who eats a mountain of unhealthy food in the course of one day. I always wondered how that is possible...and now I know. Ugh!

So what do I do next...pick myself up and start fresh today, right? I am working on it. Breakfast ended up being a sandwich I picked up because we were out of bread, eggs, and milk at home so I was out of my breakfast routine. The sandwich was about 400 calories so I am still okay. For lunch, I am planning on a Lean Cuisine, an apple and a walk. I have a quick healthy plan for dinner so we can get to the football game. We took about half the candy to my husband's work this morning. However, the rest of it still lurks at the house and that unnerves me a bit. Like I said most of today is still a "plan" - not yet accomplished. By laying it all out here I am hopeful I will have a better report tomorrow.

**I apologize for my run-on thoughts today. I just wanted to get it out there so I can analyze and recalibrate.


  1. Calories and food add up so fast! Tomorrow is a new day! Stay focused and stay strong! :)

  2. Ugh. I've been there. Every time I think there must be some evil force at work that caused me to gain weight, I remember all the days like this that got out of hand. Thank goodness there's always a chance to start fresh!

    1. Definitely thankful for fresh starts. Part of the reason I wrote this is I wanted to remember that days like this happen, but I can't let them happen continuously.