Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bring On the Cool

I am enjoying the return of cool air to our region. I love walking outside, but not in the heat and humidity that ruins walking adventures for me every summer. It was the perfect day for a lunch time walk. Unfortunately, I forgot my walking shoes. Since I was wearing my Chucks I figured I would give it a try anyway. A couple blocks down the sidewalk and my feet were already hurting. I think this weight gain has made them extra sensitive. I toughed it out until I got to the little cemetery/park close to my office. I figured it would be better to walk in the grass.
I wonder who enjoyed this watermelon.
I like how this bench faces away from the mowed area and overlooks a woody/brushy area. I have seen deer here before...I wonder what other critters can be spotted.
I think these are tree roots but I would never expected them to form rings like that. I might have to do a little root research.
Sign that fall is coming (insert contented sigh).
This knot on the tree had me thinking about ultrasound pictures.

My shoes were wet when I finished, but the walk was worth every step in the soggy grass :)
I felt a little silly going around and around the small park, but I am glad I did. There is always something interesting to see anywhere I walk :)
I am not a fan of skeletons, but the dog skeletons creeped me out even more than the human. Maybe I have seen too many pictures of starving pups.
I was fascinated by this storm drain cover.
We had a busy weekend and I didn't do very well on the eating/exercising front, but today is a new day and I can do better :)  Happy Monday (on Tuesday).


  1. I have so missed your walking adventure pictures! I love chucks but hate to actually walk anywhere in them. They aren't built for comfort that's for sure! Glad you are out there and getting moving again!

    1. I need to leave a pair of shoes at work now that cool weather is here. I love taking the pictures - I feel like you guys are with me.

  2. Yay for walking pictures! I'm super glad fall is here too. The "old timers" are saying we're in for a cold and snowy winter, so I'm going to soak up every moment of good fall weather we've got!

    1. I hope the old timers are wrong. I would like a mild winter with plenty of good walking weather.