Sunday, October 16, 2016

His & Hers

Today was the day. We haven't made homemade pizza in a long time and even longer since we have made grilled pizza. While my husband was working extra hours on Saturday I picked up all the must have ingredients for our homemade pizza. There are two main things I like about making our own pizza - controlling the amount of toppings on the pizza and that we can each customize our own pizza. Our toppings when we order pizza are pretty much locked in depending on where we order from. Our top three pizza places:  1) sausage, pepperoni, green olives  2) sausage, jalapeno and 3) pepperoni, pineapple.

However, when we make it we go crazy with toppings. My husband's homemade pizza must haves.
I am a little less loyal to particular toppings. Today, I was feeling a veggie pizza. There is no chance I am getting spinach, mushrooms or fresh mozzarella on a pizza we would share, much less all three.
 We start with a simple yeast dough. We like this recipe.
To be sure the dough cooks through we pre-cook it on one side. I love watching the crust bubble up on the hot grill.
Grilled side up it is time to load the toppings. I highly recommend being sure that everything is in place so you can move quickly. My husband it trying to decide which crust is bigger ;)
 Loading them up!
 Back on the grill. We precooked the peppers a bit first because it doesn't take long at all for the crust to finish and the cheese to melt...not quite enough time to cook all the veggies if you load the toppings like we tend to do.
 Ready for our pizza feast.
 And a close up of my pizza. They say you eat with your eyes first...definitely!
The pizza was perfect. I can't get enough of the crust - crispy, soft and chewy all at the same time. Sometimes, I worry that I will miss a particular topping or not like the combo. But honestly, that rarely happens. I debated throwing on some pepperoni, but I am SO glad I didn't.

After a post pizza snooze, I managed to get my hiney out for a 45 minute walk. There was some serious debating about taking the shorter route and doubling the loop. I didn't trust myself to not cut it short, so I went the long (with no available shortcuts).

I saw these faces in the window as I left the yard. I think the one on the left was especially disappointed to be left behind.

 Perfect time of day for long shadow legs.
Here comes the color. There are some of the most gorgeous fall trees in our neighborhood.
Of course, there are plenty of fall and Halloween decorations. I particularly liked the slightly see-through ghosts. I might have to do a little Googling to find some of my own :)
I am wondering about this little swing(?)  I wonder how long I could sit in it before being chased off.

 I wonder if he is stuck.
 Someone is enjoying their pavement marking job :)
 A bit of summer is still hanging on. It is actually supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow...ugh.

When I made the turn for home, I noticed a guy standing in the street.  It looked like he was taking a picture. I will be honest, at first I didn't recognize him...creeper?  I was trying to figure out if he was taking a picture and if so, of what. And then I realized it was my husband. (Confession - I made him pose for me so I could get a picture. I certainly didn't take this while I still thought he was some sort of creeper.)
It was so nice to have my guy come out to meet me and walk me home the last couple of blocks. I am definitely glad I took the walk. I was definitely motivated by this blog. I told my husband I wanted to walk because I wanted to write about something other than the pizza :)
All in all, it was a good Sunday. Millie wasn't the only one relaxing and watching football. Go Lions (or whoever is playing the Rams)!!
On a completely unrelated note...I bought my first Christmas ornament of the 2016 season last weekend. It is hand painted. I like the texture.
I hope you all had a good weekend. What is on your agenda this week?


  1. That pizza looks Delish!!!!

    Kudos on the walk and extra kudos for doing the long walk...the one that had no bailout option!!!

    1. I was happy I took that route :) Now I need to get back out again!

  2. Love your walk pics! So fun! I've never thought to make pizza inn the grill. It looks delicious!

    1. Grilling pizza is pretty easy if you stay organized and don't try to make them too big...and watch the heat...I am constantly checking the bottom of the crust.

  3. Love your walk pics! So fun! I've never thought to make pizza inn the grill. It looks delicious!

  4. Love the pictures of your walk and the pizza!

    1. It was good to go around the neighborhood again...and I love fall :)

  5. OMG that pizza looks amazing. I want to try making it, but I suspect I'd fail. We tried grilling a pizza once and burned the heck out of it. That ornament is PRETTY!!!!!

    1. We have had failures too. I watch the crust like a hawk. I am obsessed with ornaments!