Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fall is Coming

It seems like it has taken its sweet time getting here but fall is definitely arriving in my corner of the world. What are the clues?

1. We make silly monster treats.

Super simple monsters are made from broken pretzel sticks tossed in colored white chocolate candy coating. A package of candy eyeballs complete the transformation from glob to monster. 

2. We go for R.I.D.E.s
(This day was a drive to the state park where we got married.) 

We have to spell ride because Millie goes nuts when she hears the word. The only word that makes her even more excited is "farm".
The drive along the Mississippi is one of our favorites. If you look closely, you can see some fall color starting to appear on the bluffs.
This may be one of the craziest pictures I have ever taken. The same dog who freaks out if you lightly blow on her face sure didn't mind hanging her nose out the window and feeling the wind in her lips.
 The trails at the state park are absolutely gorgeous.
 I need to ask my niece (the nature girl) what is going on with this tree.
 A man (my man) and his dog.

We also had our first date at this park almost two years before we got married. My husband has convinced himself that on that first date I threatened to push him over the cliff. I don't remember that (or at minimum I am denying it), but here he is offering me another chance.
 From the top of the bluffs. We hiked about 1.5 miles to get to this point.

3. We stop at roadside markets.  

4. We go to festivals. 
This one is Old Settlers day - pre-1840s.
A petting zoo isn't exactly what I think of when I think settlers, but it was probably my favorite part of the festival. I wanted to take this reindeer home with me.
Photobombing camel?  Technically, I was taking a pictures of the camel when my MIL walked up. I didn't even notice this wacky face until later in the day when I was reviewing the pictures I had taken. It still makes me laugh.

5. We camp. 

We try to do at least one campout each year with our nieces and nephew. This year was a whole new adventure. It was our little sidekick's first campout. She loved it. 

My husband is the fire master. 

Traditional campout breakfast - French Toads. I am not sure how we started calling them that - just a silly name from when my nieces and nephew were younger. It is just French toast made from slices of Panera bagels. So good.

6. My MIL decorates the farm. 

I couldn't resist this early morning shadow on the pumpkin from a metal decoration she had on her porch, even though the witches are a bit creepy. 

7. We simply hangout around the farm. 

I love the farm but the heat and humidity of summer make it very difficult for me to enjoy just hanging out. The cool weather is such a welcome relief.

I am sure there are many more clues, but these seven represent the last week or so in our world. What do you love best about fall?


  1. Aww I love your pictures and all the adventures you guys get to go on! We don't really have a whole lot of nature nearby but I love living vicariously through yours! Looks like sweater weather up there! Send some of that down my way!

    1. Not consistent sweater weather yet, but hopefully soon. We are lucky to have some unique nature nearby :)

  2. LOVE the pictures!
    I love the change in weather. The cooler weather makes is so much easier for me to run outside! I also love talking about halloween costumes with the littles. And reese's pumpkins. Those are also delicious!

    1. Summer heat and humidity is not my friend. Hoping this cooler weather gets me moving. I need to get moving on our costumes...stay tuned.

  3. This is so fun! Love all your clues that Fall is here! ☺