Friday, August 1, 2014

Trouble with Mornings

Good Grief!! Why am I having so much trouble getting out of bed this week? I really am a big fan of the early morning walks.  I haven't even needed the alarm for a couple of months. This week I just can't seem to drag myself out of bed. I think I have missed three morning walks.

So, again this morning I didn't join my husband for our morning walk/run. What is wrong with me? While still in bed, I made a deal with myself.  I could stay in bed if I agreed to walk on my lunch break. I am happy to report I actually remembered my walking gear and hit the road during lunch. I know why I like to walk in the morning - so much cooler! By the last mile I was pretty much frying.  Then to make matters worse when I got back I realized I didn't bring a hairbrush or deodorant. So I spent the afternoon with crazy hair. At least I found some lotion in the ladies room and didn't have to smell like corn chips the rest of the day :)

I did the same route though the historic neighborhood that I did a couple of weeks ago. I tried to take a picture of this house last time, but it ended up blurry. It is one of the most distinctive houses in the neighborhood. When I got back I spent a couple minutes trying to find its history, but no luck yet.

I felt empathy for this poor tree. There are definitely days when I feel like I could use some help holding myself up :)  I like that they tried to save this branch.  I wonder how long it has been propped up.

Do you ever see signs and think that is really an unnecessary sign?  It does seem obvious that the sidewalk is closed  Several of the streets that go off the main street were under construction. In fact, the way I drive home from work is blocked off, but I never remember to go the other way until I see the signs and then I have to backtrack.

I took a different route around the cemetery. Found some more headstones that caught my eye. This list of children's names was engraved on the back of their parents headstone - wow, 10 children and no multiple births. It didn't appear that the children's graves were at this location. I thought it was a neat idea to honor the parents and children even if they were not all buried together. I wonder why the stone hasn't been updated.

Millie caught my eye first on this stone - then I noticed the second name was Mildred. (We actually call Millie "Mildred" when she is in trouble) I wonder what the relationship is between these two.  I thought possibly mother and daughter, but 36 seemed pretty old to have a baby back in 1900. Any guesses?

And every walk should have a little the color and size of these roses. The blooms were about two inches in diameter. The were so fragrant. I would love to have them in my yard.

This evening we went to game night at my sister's house. The first Friday of every month we get together with friends to play games and eat.  This is probably the most challenging type of event for me because everyone brings food and it is out they whole evening. Tonight I gave myself permission to have what I wanted and not feel guilty. I have not done that since we started counting calories. I didn't go crazy, but I did enjoy the goodies :)

I better get to bed. Tomorrow should be an interesting day....


  1. great job on walking at lunch... you sure do find some interesting things on your walks...

  2. Nice walk and hope you enjoyed your Friday! Sounds like a fun night to splurge a little!