Thursday, July 31, 2014

Changing Directions

Things have been a bit wacky in my world this week. I didn't go walking for the past two days. This morning I got back on the trail, but decided I needed a little something different. Every day I walk the same direction on our loop. I decided to turn the opposite way today. I am amazed how many times I've passed things and never noticed them.

One of the first things I noticed is the change in the hills. There is one "hilly" section of the loop. They are very small hills but when you are trying to walk fast they can wear you out. This one doesn't look steep but it is longer than the one going the other way.  I think it is good to change things up a little to keep the body guessing and working hard.

I had never noticed this fancy light post.  I wonder if they realize water and electricity are not a good mix.  I do love old pumps, but I find this use too confusing.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture of some markings on the road. I had hope the marking that looked like a dollar sign indicated I would be receiving lots of cash soon.  Turns out someone will be receiving some
cash soon - looks expensive!


By the way I only recently learned the diagonal stripes on these signs point in the direction you are supposed to drive - drive on the side the lines point down toward the road. Once I learned that I can't stop noticing the stripes on signs everywhere. It took everything I had not to stop and adjust these!!

And I really wouldn't want this situation in my front yard. Speaking of expensive, it looks like they are digging up a water line - UGH!

I have noticed this mailbox before but the lamp post/pump made me think to stop and take a picture of it too.

I was waiting for my husband to meet and walk back to our house together. I couldn't help but try to take silly shadow pictures. It was a bit challenging to pose and take the picture too. I wanted them to be a little crazier. Does this shadow make my butt look big??? :)

I made peach ice cream today - sorry forgot to take pictures. I got an ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchenaid mixer (aka SuperMixer) last Christmas. I've only made ice cream once. Then with us trying to watch our eating I haven't made any this summer. Peach season made it too hard to resist. I have one more batch to freeze then I will have about three quarts. We have a game night every first Friday of the month at my sister's house. I thought it would be a good treat to take (everyone brings snacks). That way I can enjoy ice cream without having a whole tempting batch in my freezer.

My niece came over to help with the ice cream.  She is not a peach fan and wanted chocolate ice cream - so we took her to Dairy Queen.  I know it is crazy that we were making ice cream and then went out for ice cream. She got a blizzard and I had a few bites of it (tracked them).  Oh, that ice cream was so good...been awhile since I'd had chocolate ice cream.  I think SuperMixer's next ice cream will be chocolate.

We had a bigger lunch than usual (Mexican - we split arroz con pollo) so we decided on Subway for dinner to stay within our calories. Should I be concerned about what the girl wrote on my husband's sandwich wrapper??  I guess it is better than her phone number :)

We have made our final destination plans for a little trip with my niece and nephew in August. We are going to Nashville TN.  We plan to kayak and probably some hiking.  And there will be some city sightseeing and eating.   Any suggestions for things to see/do? Or things to avoid?


  1. I'm totally envious of all the awesome things you get to look at on your walks! No suggestions for Nashville, as I've never been but I hope you guys have a wonderful time! I bet it's pretty there!

    1. I know, I am lucky in the walking department :) I am sure I will take a zillion pictures on vacation and will definitely post a review of Nashville.

  2. I love your morning walk photos. I have done that before, randomly changed up my run. I have also gotten lost doing that because I am awesome.

    HA! Subway Lady hitting on your husband. Obviously she doesn't know you have been working out and can take her down. ;)

    1. Now that I have the Garmin watch I need to try some different routes to change things up, but that neighborhood loop is awfully convenient. I asked my husband if I need to go back in Subway (I had waited in the car with Millie) - he just rolled his eyes :)

  3. funny what a different perspective will uncover -- love the shadow photo....

    1. I am always surprised by the new things to be seen.