Saturday, July 5, 2014

Creek Walk

The best part about getting in better shape is days like this.

Started with a fun walk with my sister (3 miles) while my husband and niece ran. Afterwards. my husband and I hit the gym for a little weight lifting.  He does a program that works different muscle groups on different days - today was shoulders. I joined in on some of the exercises.  I at least tried most of them and didn't hate it :)  Tomorrow is his day off weights -whew!

After the workout, my niece and I had a girls' outing to the farmer's market. I had a little birthday money and I have been wanting this tic-tac-toe set for weeks. The pieces are painted rocks - I think the bees and ladybugs are absolutely adorable.

Bugs 'n Bees Tic Tac Toe
I did not buy this homemade soap, but I was certainly intrigued. The lady said she wanted to make a scent for men. I am still not sure I understand. Would men use this or would women use it to lure their men? Either way, I did NOT buy any - although it would have been a low calorie treat :)

I love dayliliesm but most of mine have kind of fizzled. There is a booth that displays so many gorgeous daylilies.  Maybe I should have brought this one home. I thought it was so pretty and was so busy taking its picture I didn't even check the price.

After we returned home from the farmer's market we headed out to my in-laws farm. We started with a nice lunch. I always struggle a bit with meals there because I don't know how everything is made or I don't want to offend by not trying something I think is high in calories. My mother-in-law has been super supportive our efforts though. She even boiled us some chicken breast in addition to the hotdogs she had made. However, I did make myself refuse the brownies and ice cream. I explained that I had splurged on a sundae last night and of course, she understood.

After lunch we took the dogs down to their creek. We played fetch with them for awhile. Then my niece talked us into walking down the creek bed. The water is very low right now so the creek bed has lots of sand for walking, but every 100 feet or so we would have to cross the creek.  My husband, father-in-law and I did not have water shoes on so we were trying to keep our feet dry. We had so much fun finding ways to cross the water without getting wet.

Zommie found a good strategy. I was actually pretty impressed with her - for an old dog she was often leading the charge. This spot was particularly deep by dachshund standards. Millie didn't seem to understand why Zommie was being carried.

We had several precarious crossings to navigate. Thankfully we had good helpers and bridge builders. And I can't doubt that our improved fitness greatly helped our creek journey.  I never felt tired and had a great time.

Maybe I should have been able to jump the rest of the way, but I called for more bridge. I am a chicken.

Days like today help me believe that our hard work is paying off in so many ways. There are adventures out there to be enjoyed and I don't want to miss any more of them. Life is not meant to be lived on the sidelines.


  1. I think you hit the nail on the head ! Life is to be lived... yes siree you are correct - any time you can see your hard work paying off is wonderful.... you guys are rockin' it... and the rest of the family taking notice and working with you in the food they serve.. its all a wonderful example ... they are supporting you and you are being a great example to them and your other family members !! keep up the good work !!

    1. Thank you! I am excited about our future :)