Tuesday, July 15, 2014

All in a Day and Weigh-In

Another weigh-in has arrived.  This is weigh-in number 8.  Okay, first I would like to congratulate myself on sticking with this for 8 weeks. And the best part is I am not considering giving it up :)  I am thankful that my husband and I were ready at the same time to do this and that we have been able to encourage each other through the rough spots.

So, today's meeting with the scale says I am down 1.6 pounds.  I am very happy with that...but (why is there always a but?) it leaves me just .4 short of getting into another ten zone. It feels so good to see the second number on the scale change too :) 

I think I am getting my faster walking groove back.  At least I hope so since we have a race on Saturday.  Yesterday we had some crazy thunderstorms. This morning the temperature was crazy low for July in the 50s.  It felt great!!  Anyway, I managed to be under 15 minute miles for 2 or the 3 miles. With this race being a 5k and the competition of the other racers I am really hoping for sub-14:30 miles. The race is the evening so I am not sure how that will factor in.

Speaking of it being an evening race I have a question. I have thought it good to have a rest day before the race. I walk in the morning and since this race is in the evening I am a bit conflicted. Should I just rest Saturday morning or should I rest Friday morning too?  Any thoughts?

See this sweet innocent kitty...it kind of freaked me out this morning. I was walking along and all the sudden out of the corner of my eye I see this white steak coming across a yard and into the street behind me. I turned and the cat was coming right for me. Seriously, am I about to be mauled by a puddy-tat?  Thankfully, when I turned the cat changed course and continued to cross the road.  Then it stopped and gave me the stare down.

I suspect these people are waiting for someone else to come along and clean up their mess. Okay, technically someone does come to pick up branches, but most people pile them on the curb not just toss them in the street. I am constantly surprised by the things I see in the road or next to the road. The most tragic thing was an unfinished McDonalds shake smashed in the middle of the road. Enough remained to tell it had been strawberry. Even the cherry lay on the road :( 

When I finished my 3 miles I waited for my husband to catch up.  I was captivated by the light of the morning sun.  It was a little frustrating to be stuck just with my cell phone camera when I see the "perfect" lighting. The beautiful glow came out much more yellow. I love seeing the "da mooooonn" (name that movie!) during the day.

This monstrous electric pole was installed recently.  One day I was driving over to my sister's house and all kinds of construction equipment was driving up to a house. By the time I went home (an hour or two later) the house was demolished...turns out it was destruction equipment rolling up. Apparently the power company decided it was better to buy the people out and tear down the house rather than to try to work around the house. It made me tear up a little thinking about the memories that house held. 

I never get tired of this view - my husband running towards me. He is a little distracted by checking his watch though. His "slowest" mile today was 10:04. Crazy!! You can see we are not the only early birds. The woman in pink always walks her Australian Shepherd around the same time we are out.

Today I got my first FleurtyBand made by Jasmine at Fleurty and Fit. I ordered "Dreamsicle" from her Etsy shop. She was so sweet to include an extra one because I mentioned her on my blog a couple of weeks ago. I can't wait to see how much faster I walk with my hair under control :)  

I have a confession. I tend to write my blog throughout the day when I have a few minutes. Part of the reason I do that is I feel like it gives a more accurate portrayal of my feelings. I want the blog to be honest about the ups and downs of this journey. Today would be a perfect example. I felt pretty good about my weigh-in this morning, had a good walk and then sometime after lunch the bottom fell out. I have noticed the past few days I've been hungry in the afternoon even though I've been doing pretty much the same thing exercise and meals. Then when I am hungry I start to question the process. Am I doing the right things to achieve my goals?

I ended up getting myself all worked up about how hard this is and that I don't want to do it. I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know for sure I have another 50ish pounds I need to lose (then re-evaluate). Today that just seemed overwhelming. By the time I got home from work I was a bit of a mess. I was trying to make dinner through my tears. My husband was doing everything he could to console and encourage me. But you know how it is, sometimes nothing helps, but time.

We had talked earlier in the day about playing frisbee golf this evening.  We haven't played in months. I didn't want my crummy mood to change that plan. It seemed like it would be better than sitting at home stewing. It did help some, but I was still grouchy. I ended up getting down on myself for being a terrible frisbee thrower. Seriously, get a grip!  By the end I settled down some. Perhaps taking Millie wasn't the best idea. It was a little stressful because she didn't quite understand what we were doing and there were a bunch of squirrels taunting her.

On the way to frisbee golf I asked my husband to stop so I could get some chocolate. I got a Dove bar - so good. I don't feel guilty about the calories because it didn't make me go over.  However, I know there was some self medicating going on with that chocolate and I don't know how I feel about that.  That is going to have to be a question for another day. I am getting ready for bed and am just thankful I have made it through the day :)


  1. Do you have an afternoon snack? I eat lunch at noon and don't eat dinner until almost six. I HAVE to have something in the afternoon or I will cut someone. It's ok to eat when you're hungry. That's the whole point of food, right? To fuel us. AS you build muscle you're increasing your metabolism and burning calories faster. So, you might be hungrier than you used to be while following hte same meal plan and that's ok as long as you fuel with the right kind of stuff.
    As for the Dove bar...Ok, so I have had this mental talk with myself a lot so bear with me. I know a lot of "skinny" people, you know, women who are just naturally slender without working out. My sister is one of those people. And she eats chocolate bars. Chocolate bars are not a crutch or an evil thing when eaten in moderation (which you totally did). It is ok to eat a chocolate bar! If you were eating a dozen of them then maybe you should question it. If you had a glass of red wine after a stressful day and posted it on social media people would be all "lady, you earned that, enjoy blah blah blah". That's what that chocolate bar was. A reward, a treat, something you enjoyed and didn't mindlessly eat. And if you were skinny (this is how I feel at least) you wouldn't even think twice about it. You would just think, hey it's yummy and I wanted it so I ate it the end.
    Sorry, that got a bit rambly. Rough days suck. You survived it, you are awesome KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK!

    1. Yes, I do have afternoon snacks - usually fruit. I was just getting frustrated that I would eat a satisfying lunch and an hour or so later I was getting hungry. I didn't think about my metabolism changing. Maybe I need to re-evaluate my lunch and snack choices.

      You are so right about the glass of wine thing. Interesting how society views different things. A chubby girl having a candy bar is somehow "worse" than someone soothing stress with a glass of wine. Thank you for the positive reinforcement that a conscious treat is not bad.

      Rough days are going to come and go. Thank you for the encouragement :)

  2. Awesome job on the 1.6 loss... that's a great week! I know you're so close to that next 'decade' and would have liked to hit it this week but just use it as motivation for the week ahead and know how happy you'll be to hit it in the coming days! Keep up the great work!

  3. Awesome loss!
    Oh man, if I had a dollar for all the times I go through the wanting to give up and throw in the towel... well let's just say I'd have a LOT of dollars!
    And I agree 100% with what Meg has said (she is always so spot on!) If you are hungry, then eat. Moderation is the key!

    1. Why is it that we can't get someone to give us those dollars :) Yeah, that Meg she nailed it! I think I was caught off guard by the changes in what would satisfy me. I am rethinking my lunch/snack plans.

  4. Yay for a loss! That's awesome - especially being close to a new goal!

    As far as the race goes, I usually take an "active rest day" before a race - maybe do a shorter distance/slow pace than usual to get tuned up for the race. No reason to rest completely - best of luck and HAVE FUN!

    1. Thank you! That is a good idea. I think I will walk Friday for a shorter distance.

  5. CONGRATS !! I agree that Meg nailed it... dont beat yourself up about the chocolate - keep doing what you're doing and re evaluate, maybe you have to re evaluate weekly until you get into your sweet spot.. but as the body changes things change... keep re evaluating.. its an on going process :)
    as for the race.. maybe the evening before the evening race you walk your 3 miles then rest all day up until the race... so you are fresh yet dont feel like you skipped a work out ... just a thought -

    1. Yes, it is definitely a process of figuring out what works best. And do I really want to live a chocolate-free life...not if I don't have to :) I wouldn't mind a pre-race evening walk. I think I will play it by ear. Either way I am sure the race will be fun.

  6. Great loss! You'll be in the next 10 set next week, something great to look forward to!