Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July Fun

Our workout got off to a later start this morning. I didn't mind at all since it was so cool. It was a nice change with the sun being up higher when we started. The best part is that we got to workout with our niece. She has started running and biking. She is a tough little thing.

We rode our bikes over to my sister's house - about a 1/2 mile. This is me passing my husband :) I am continuously surprised I don't fall off while trying to take pictures.

When we met up with my niece she and my husband ran together while I rode my bike. I had a great time. I was impressed with how well my niece did.  She ran a whole mile for the first time. She started out fast and I think my husband was a little relieved when she slowed down :)

Loving the sun and shadows.

After the ran a couple of miles I hopped off the bike and walked a mile with my niece. We had to stop for a little fun.  I am not sure why this trailer had a mirrored back. It was like a crazy carnival mirror.

After we finished our walking, running , biking adventure, my husband wanted to head over to the gym and get his weight lifting in before the day got away from us. Since we had just done cardio I decided to join him in the weight room instead of doing more cardio. He was working on biceps and triceps - I joined him on a few of the exercises.  It was kinda fun, but I have some work to do .I am such a weakling :)

We had a fun evening - dinner with friends then a mile walk to the fireworks. I had saved extra calories for dinner. I even skipped the bun and cheese on my burger to give me more wiggle room. I happily indulged in an ice cream sundae with magic shell and a brownie - YUM!

I took these pictures with my little point and shoot camera.  Not the best but I can't resist including a few from a festive evening.


  1. looks like a great day !!! I need to work on my arms as well...i tell people i have the upper body strength of a kitten !!

    1. Ha ha! I can totally relate to the upper body strength of a kitten. When it comes to heavy lifting I just tell my husband I am a delicate flower princess and that gets me out of it.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day all around! Way to go!

    1. It was a good one. Hope you had fun too :)