Friday, March 13, 2015

Uncovering the Garden

We have had some incredible weather this week! Now that the snow has melted I had to get out and assess my garden. I didn't do a very good job cleaning it up at the end of the season. So I had some work to do. I was very surprised to see so much green had been hiding under the snow.

This was last year's Pico de Gallo bed...jalapenos, cilantro, onions. I believe this year it is going to be my early bed...lettuce, spinach, radishes, etc.

I am happy to see some signs of life on my oregano and thyme plants. Not sure about the rosemary yet, but I am hopeful. If we redo our deck and/or make a patio, I am going to move the herbs next to it. I think a couple of rosemary bushes would be nice.
The sweet basil definitely didn't make it. Even before the big bad Rottweiler grabbed it, it was toast. She shook that poor plant senseless. I don't know how she doesn't give herself a concussion.
Be the end of the season last year I kind of gave up on the garden. I am embarrassed to see these wasted beans.I wasn't a big fan of the beans on the fence. This year I will probably only plant bush beans.
 This is the remains of a delicate.
Millie spent most of our outside time assaulting plants that I was removing and supervising my progress.
A little work and this bed looks so much better. I highly recommend gardening in raised beds. It makes an enormous difference. The soil doesn't get hard and weeds are much easier to pull out. I don't really need more soil from the farm, but I might get a little just to enrich what I have.

Millie was obsessed with all the spring smells.

And every time I turned around she had dug up another bed. I would like to think she was helping, but that might be wishful thinking. We are definitely going to come up with anti-puppy plan to protect the plants.
There is some work to be done before planting, but it looks much better and it did lift my spirits a little bit to spend some productive time in the sunshine.
Spring seems to here, but poor Millie is desperately holding on to her beloved snow pile. I think she wore herself out mauling dead plants and digging up the beds. I found her relaxing on the snow. I am not sure why she is giving me the "don't beat me" look. Maybe because this snow pile is actually not in our yard and she knows she is not supposed to leave the yard.
Now it is time to figure out when and what I want to start planting. I hope I am not getting too far ahead of myself. I am going to double check the upcoming weather, but this weekend may involve me putting in something. Potatoes are traditionally planted on St. Patrick's Day. I haven't planted potatoes in a couple of years so it might be a nice something different.

I am so ready to move past the winter and all its heavy comfort foods. I can't wait to enjoy all the fresh veggies.

Sincerely, Paula


  1. Love this! It's always exciting when some of the plants are able to bounce back (yay for not having to buy more). You have such nice garden beds too. I agree that they are much easier to deal with. I checked on mine yesterday and my flower seeds are finally sprouting. I also got a nice surprise because I thought my tarragon plants were dead, but low and behold there are some tiny green shoots fighting to come up. Same with my parsley plants. Rosemary is super hardy, I've had the same plant for about 5 years now and it stays green all year. It's my fave herb!

    1. We love rosemary too. Funny how flavors you hated when you were younger are not some of your favorites. I have never grown tarragon - maybe I should try one this year.

  2. Oooh look at all your awesome raised beds. Good job workout out in the sunshine and getting them prepped for spring. I'll be over to help with harvest!

    1. I can't wait until there is something to harvest. I am going to plant some lettuce, spinach and radishes this week :)

  3. Yes it is time to review our garden too. Our chard is still doing well and as we pick it more grows, so we will leave it where it is. I have been burying banana peels and other skins in the area where we will plant squash and tomato plants. You are a close neighbor at Friendship Friday

    1. I will have to check into banana peel benefits - never heard that before. I also need to remember to start saving my egg shells. I put them in the hole when I plant tomatoes. It is supposed to help with blossom end rot - I haven't had a problem with it so it must be working :)

  4. What a green thumb you have! We have so much work to do in our yard this spring that it is overwhelming. I have such a black thumb :/