Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happy March

Another month has sped by already. My main February no sweets goal appears to have had mixed success. I managed to go completely sweet free until February 15. Then between then and the end of the month I had a few other sweets - a piece of banana bread here, a cookie there. Even though I had a few treats for the most part they were very limited and controlled. There was only one "bad" day which I confessed last week. That one bothered me because I felt out of control.

Despite the sweets I did have, I count February as a success. The whole purpose of this "experiment was to break the sweet rampage I had been on since Christmas. And I do feel I achieve that. Had I not tried this I am certain I would be in a much worse place today physically and emotionally. .

I ran across a fun little article yesterday. It highlighted  some odd little "holidays"celebrated in March. Follow me this month as I navigate health and fitness while celebrating some pretty wacky holidays. I think some are going to be more challenging then others - I am talking to you, National Pi Day.

Even though I technically missed March 1's Peanut Butter Lovers Day, I will say peanut butter and banana is a go to snack for me when I am craving something sweet and salty. For less than 200 calories I can have something super satisfying and nutritious.

Millie is by far the biggest peanut butter lover in our house. She loves it in her Kong bone. My husband may have definitely spoiled her. I can't even open the peanut butter jar without her being immediately underfoot. It may have been a contributing factor in her vet's recommendation to lose a few pounds. So I enjoy peanut butter in moderation.

Now that we are caught up, let's move on.  Today (March 3) we are celebrating If Pets Had Thumbs Day!  I am not even sure where to start with this one.  It is something to ponder. Feel free to share your thoughts on the possibilities.  I found this PetMD slideshow of some possibilities, although I find the idea that Millie would vacuum while I am at work completely implausible.

The evidence is irrefutable....

Not even old Zommie looks like she would  be into vacuuming if she had thumbs. They might be useful though for her to access the trash more easily :)

In summary...it is not going to happen.

March 3 is also National Anthem Day.  Fun fact,  I know three national anthems and the U.S. anthem is the one I learned last. I spent all my elementary school years in Canada so naturally I learned "O Canada" and "God Save the Queen." To this day, hearing them play stops me in my tracks. It wasn't until high school that I learned the "The Star Spangled Banner."  

I hope you enjoy today's holidays :)  I leave you with a peek at winter beauty. Nothing is better than sunrise.


  1. Hahaha what fun holidays!

    Love the pictures. Sleeping pups make me happy. I highly doubt my pup would do anything but sleep if she had thumbs. Well, maybe open the fridge.

    1. Definitely open the fridge, the trash, the shoe closet...rotten dogs :)

  2. Those dogs. I want to smoosh their faces and kiss them. They are both so cute!!! I laughed at your description of Millie and the PB, because Molly is the same way. She can be in a coma, but if she hears the lid to the PB being opened, she's at my side. I've come to appreciate PB as a snack or a faux dessert, I find that it really tames any cravings I have. Melted PB with apple slices at night is my jam.

    1. I haven't tried melted peanut butter...but you can bet I will now :) And I bet Millie would be happy to share...she will take the PB and let me have the apple.

  3. Wow that sunrise is amazing. In the last 2 years I've always walked (or ran) 3.14 on Pi Day (3/14)!

    1. That is a great idea! I am definitely going to do that. Only question is before or after my pie :)