Friday, March 18, 2016

First, Walk A Mile in Her Pants

Finally!  I finally got myself out for a walk. It was a gorgeous spring day. It was my first opportunity to try out my new pants. The pants were a gift from one of our Lovely Ladies, Christina. She blogs at Love Yourself Healthy.  She is actually on a little blogging hiatus at the moment, but I would still encourage you to visit her blog and read some of her older posts. There is a ton of good stuff in there that has resonated with me. Back to the pants. Christina has done so great - lost about 60 pounds and "shrunk" out of a bunch of her workout wear. She offered several items to our group and then mailed packages to ladies across the country. I received these fun crop pants and a pair of long black pants. I love them! I would probably have not picked out this pair - I am pretty conservative. However, they felt great and were super fun to wear. I will definitely be expanding my horizons. Thank you, Christina!!!
I had to make my walk quick before making dinner. I walked a not so fast mile, enjoying the signs of spring.
I have to do something about the mole problem at our house. They eat any bulbs I plant. I loved this cute little flower bed.
 This poor tree was eliminated from its yard :(
 Forsythia is always among the first to bloom in this area. Such a brilliant yellow!
I can't support having a sweet gum tree in my yard no matter how pretty the actually tree is. These gumballs are such a pain to get rid of...and beware in bare feet. Those suckers are like stepping on LEGOs!

Magnolias are also among the first to bloom. They are so pretty, but one cold night and all those beautiful pink flowers will be an icky brown.

I can't believe how green this lawn is already...I want it in my yard pronto! I did noticed our yard is going to need to be mowed poor husband.

 Looks like someone had a little accident.

 Poor football.
While out on my walk I ran into my sister on her way home. She invited me over to get some BBQ pork and naan bread to make a BBQ pork pizza.  Her family had enjoyed them the night before. I added a couple more ingredients to get a serving of veggies in. I spread the naan bread with a think layer of BBQ sauce, then layered thinly sliced zucchini, pork, peppers, red onion and cheese. And of course, a sprinkling of cilantro.
 As always, I did his and hers - my husband skipped the zucchini and added tons of jalapeno.
It was quick (especially with the donation from my sister) and super yummy. I will have to keep this in mind the next time we have leftover pork.

Yesterday was another big event at work. It was basically the same as our event last week, except this one was for high school students. I wore one of my new tops from last weekend's shopping spree. It was perfect - long sleeves but light, super comfortable and cute.
I have been doing great on tracking meals and staying in my calorie range for almost all my meals. However, I was stressing a bit about this lunch. We ordered Domino's pizza and bought this cartload of not so healthy foods. Domino's is not my favorite, but as the only option I knew I would eat a couple of pieces. The soda is not a problem, but I do love some chips and cookies.
The day before I looked up calories and made a plan. I would have 2 pieces of pizza and three cookies...and no more!  Yes, I did consider taking my own lunch, but I was a little self-conscious because I had to eat with everyone else. Next year, I think I might say "whatever" and do my own thing.
There were lots leftovers...but I resisted...even when there were just a couple of cookies and chips at the end of the day. And yes, I was a little bit proud of myself...those golden Oreos are SO good.
We assign states to each of our teams in order to post the scores confidentially. Just for fun, I assigned the home states of some of our Lovely Ladies.
 Congrats Mary and Meg...enjoy your virtual trophies and ribbons :)
While tracking my meals on my "Food Log" page, I had pizza meals two days in a row and they were almost exactly the same number of calories.

Wednesday dinner - BBQ pork pizza - 673 calories
 Thursday lunch - Dominos's mushroom pizza and cookies - 670 calories
I guarantee you the homemade pizza meal was infinitely more satisfying...even without the cookies!

I am hoping this weekend is nice enough I can get out and work on the yard. I am ready to plant spinach, lettuce and radishes...and maybe potatoes. What are your weekend plans?


  1. WOO HOO!!! Man, Oregon smoked the competition!

    So glad you made it out for a walk. I love my Christina pants, too!

  2. LOVE those Christina pants! And that bbq pizza looks so good! Yay for small victories! Onto more adventures in your Christina pants!

    1. I must do more walking...I don't want to those pants to compare my unfavorably to Christina :)

  3. That bbq pizza, tho. Holy cow, that looks yummalicious. I'm gonna have to try that! And I love those Christina pants, and that beautiful new blouse!! Go, girlie!

    1. BBQ pizza is yummy - I should do that more often.

  4. Mmmmm. I don't even want to talk about my passion for Domino's pizza. Good job on sticking to your plan though:)

    Cute pants!

    1. My husband is very loyal to 3 pizzas and Domino's is not one of them, so I very rarely have it anymore.

  5. Loving the pants! I'm glad you are expanding your horizons! And you did good with the food at your function! You made your plan and you stuck with it!!!!!!!

  6. Your homemade pizza looks SO GOOD! Those pants are super cute. :) It's good to step outside of our comfort zones with a little help from our friends.