Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Randomness from the Sickbed

First, I would like to thank being sick, the hormonal wackiness that is womanhood and my pictorial food log project.....I lost 5 pounds this week! Despite feeling terrible for the last 5 days I am proud of myself for sticking with the tracking. I can't tell you the number of times I have allowed not feeling well to derail my eating. If you are interested it seeing everything I have eaten in the past week check out my new Food Log tab.

The next few pics are fairly random since I haven't been doing anything much.

I found this chicken sausage at Aldi last week. The day I ate one with my sweet potatoes and spinach I was in Greek heaven. That first bite immediately made me feel like I was eating a delicious gyro. I will see the second time I ate them I nuked them and put them on bread...not quite as good. I think they are best if they are sauteed.
The blackbirds are swarming the area. I have see so many massive flocks in the past week or so. When I came home from work yesterday they were taking a break in our yard (and several neighbors' yards). The started back on their way when I tried to get some pictures.
I made a batch of strawberry creme pudding (from a Jello box). I decided to freeze it in pudding pops. They make for a nice little treat.
Continuing with my recent bird obsession...my new pajamas. I gave the pajamas quite a work out binge-watching House of Cards - the whole season in two days! We liked this season much better than last season - intense. Sadly, now we wait a year to see if it every catches up with ol' Frank Underwood.
The only thing I did this weekend that did not involve my pajamas was go with my people to the Top of the Morning 5K. Not to race, but to spectate and of course, take pictures.  The pre-race photo - they look chilly. I am not sure of the exact temp, but I will vouch for them - it was cold.
Pre-race entertainment. Super fancy costumes and serious legs. They make it look so effortless.

 Waiting for the start.
Off they go. Can you see my people? (not yet) The leader of the pack went on to lead wire to wire and won by a full minute.
 Can you see them now?
 There are some of them - the goofy ones. My husband and niece ran together. He let her set the pace.
While I waited for everyone to get back I sat in the car for a bit. Then before I knew it the first racers were back. The winner finished in just over 16 minutes!
This guy made me think of Meg at Running Just As Fast As She Can. That girl can move a double stroller full of toddlers!!
 Here come my people - finishing strong.
 Great finish! This turned out to be my niece's very first "ran all the way" 5K. Pretty impressive :)
 And here comes my sister. She walked most of the way, but knocked out a strong finishing run.
Festive pups. I need to remember next year that Millie can go to this race. I wonder how she would feel about a costume.
Finally a post race picture - they look a little warmer. I missed a racer in this after photo. I think she had headed in for a little post race shopping. She had a rough race - right at the beginning she started having leg pain. Even though she thought at times she couldn't finish she pushed through and got it done :)  I was very proud of all my people!
It was worth getting out of bed for, but I was super happy to get home and back in my pajamas.

I am looking forward to adding another losing week to my streak....stay tuned ;)


  1. Sounds like they had a great race! Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Congrats to your peeps for their fine showing at their race!!!!!!!

    Woo hooo on the weight loss. Being sick isn't the best way to do it....but hey, I refuse to look a gift horse in the mouth!!!!

    1. Thanks! Sometimes when I am sick I just want to eat more, so I am happy to have stayed on plan.

  3. Congrats on the weight loss!!

    I have one episode of House of Cards left. Then I'm thinking about re-watching the whole series. Is that crazy?

    1. Not crazy at all! I thought about re-watching the first season because there seems to be quite a few references this season. I could use a refresher.

  4. Woo hoo double strollers!

    Was that an uphill finish? I think those are always cruel. Way to go Anna's people!

    Hope you are feeling better. Awesome job on your weight loss and tracking! Go you!

    I will have to try those sausages. I started shopping at Aldi because of your blog and am on the lookout for what's good and what isn't.

    1. It was just a little uphill into the parking lot were the finish was. The actual hill was about midway in the race. Yay! I hope you like shopping at Aldi. I will be sure to pass along any finds :)

  5. Man G is booking it in that one picture! I'm so sorry that you've been sick, I hope you feel better soon!

    1. He had to be sure that girl didn't beat him :)

  6. Anna! We must live very close to each other. I had no idea!

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  8. What a great finishing picture of your niece and your husband! They look fierce!