Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 2 May Challenge

Time for another challenge with my Lovely Ladies. This challenge will run from March 1 to May 31. We have an overall goal of a certain number of minutes of exercise to complete each month. Each of us chose our own minute goal. It is important for goals to have an element of challenge, but not be so lofty you quickly lose hope that you can achieve them. I have set my minutes for March at 800. That comes out to about to roughly 35 minutes 5 times a week. I will evaluate after March to set goals for April and May.  

As you all know I have been struggling with the exercise since my Jedi streak. I bought new shoes and I have been babying my feet. I think now is as good of time as any to get back to regular exercise. I plan to incorporate walking and spend some time at that gym we pay for (gasp!). The main reason I have kept the gym membership when we are clearly not using it is that I don't want to give up access to the pool. Swimming is an excellent exercise I can do more easily even when I am hurting. But the truth is I can't remember the last time I was in the pool...that is changing!

In addition to our overall minute goal, various members will be "sponsoring" weekly challenges. Examples are daily water goals, eating so many fruits/veggies every day, etc. I think it will be fun way to keep the challenge fresh and motivational.

I have a couple of additional personal goals that I am adding to the challenge. I have to buckle down on the eating aspect of life. I was off to a great start this year with target calorie ranges for each meal. Then I kinda let it slide in February. I am committing to that goal for the duration of the challenge. I will be adding a challenge page in the next few days to track my progress for all the world to see.  Who knows maybe I will even become brave enough to share my actual weight....let's not get too crazy :)

As promised a few pictures from the zoo. I got a little carried away with the student art display. I love that students have the opportunity to create and then display their art to the public.
It is little difficult to see in the picture but the black part of this pictures is raised making a 3 dimensional picture.
Because I love flamingos. I am also impressed at the perspective with a much closer bird looking at the more distant birds.
 Who doesn't love owls? (did you see what I did there?)  The multi-media art is so fun.
 I am not entirely sure why this armadillo needs a helmet....I would love to hear more of its story.
The colors in this print jumped out me and I could actually see this as an art piece someone would buy.
Notice the letting in each part of the picture...pretty intricate.
The next two pictures are made of yard. That takes serious planning to figure out how to make it all work before the glue dries.
 I like the additional dimension of the trees and grass by the yard not being completely glued down.
The panda and the large leaves are painted on cellophane and placed slightly forward from the background.
 Deconstructed lion.
Mosaic giraffe made from tissue paper. I was impressed with the expression the artist was able to achieve.
And because everyone loves giraffes. This picture by a 1st grader was actuall the first one I took a picture of. It looks a little like he is swallowing a rather big lunch.
I hope you enjoyed this little art gallery. I wish I could tell the artists how impressed I am with their works and how much I enjoyed seeing them at the zoo.

Happy March!


  1. Okay love the yarn pictures. That is too cool. And I really love the cleverness of the deconstructed giraffe and that tissue paper giraffe. Glad to see the school art teachers are still getting students excited about various non traditional art forms and showcasing their talent.

    1. I loved seeing all the different methods the students used. Makes me want to take an art class.

  2. Loved the pics! I'm excited about our challenge too!

  3. I love your challenge page plan! Can't wait to cheer you on!

    The art is amazing!

    1. Thanks for all your encouragement :) I would have spent much more time looking at all the art - so fun.

  4. Such great art! I love the zebra - very creative.