Thursday, October 30, 2014

Changing Seasons

Dear Neighborhood:

This was the last morning I will be out to enjoy your Halloween decorations.  You made my early morning walks a little more entertaining (and creepy ins some cases). The next time I walk (Sunday or Monday) please be sure you have complied with my unofficial mandate to put them away pronto.   

Since I love, love, love Christmas lights, I am requesting that you put then up immediately.  Please don't feel like you have to wait until Thanksgiving!  And if you want to leave them up all winter, I am totally okay with that.

Your Walker Stalker

When I left the house for my walk this morning it was 34 degrees!  Brr!  It am actually glad it was that cold because it is forecasted to be cold on Saturday - 10K race day.  I got a chance to test my race outfit...I think it is going to work. We are planning to do some winter races this year so I need to keep building my cold tolerance :)  

Time to say good bye to the garden.  They are calling for a hard freeze this weekend.  This was the first year that I planted a fall crop. I planted radishes, lettuce and cilantro in late August.  It got pretty chilly in September so their growth was a little slower than I hoped, but it is fun to have some fresh goodies in October. I plan to pick everything today.  Green tomatoes, anyone? 

As it gets colder I am thinking more about my winter workout plans.  I really do like the walking and as long as I can I want to keep doing that. I would like to find some other options as well.  How do you handle winter workouts?

It should be an eventful weekend. Saturday we have our 10K race in the morning.  Then in the evening we are going to watch my nephew's playoff football game. Sunday I imagine will mostly be spent trying to thaw out from all the outside activity on Saturday.

Don't forget this weekend is the end of Daylight Savings.  It will make the mornings easier, but I will miss the light after work too.


  1. Ugh, I am not a fan of this cold weather. I am a warm weather girl and would gladly live in shorts and tee shirts! I still run outside during the winter, but everything else moves to the gym. Maybe that's why I hate winter so much.

    1. I like warm, but can't stand hot. I have become a bit of a baby about cold.

  2. What a fun weekend planned! I'm with you on the Christmas stuff. As soon as Halloween ends, it's fair game! I love Christmas! Good luck on your 10K I'll be rooting for you from Louisiana! And I totally can't help you much with the winter stuff as we only have about 2 brutally cold months and then the rest is hot. Are you guys members at a gym? Maybe treadmills or indoor tracks may be in your future?

    1. I am curious about "brutally cold" in Louisiana...what kinds a temps are we talking? I would hate the hot! We are members at the gym so I am sure there will be some of that too.

  3. I had more mileage during the winter months than the summer months. I just bundled up and planned my routes where I knew the ground would be plowed and salted. And I ran in the street a lot.

    Good luck on your 10K!