Friday, October 17, 2014

Welcome back, Mr. Sun!!

After what seems like weeks of rain, yesterday was a beautiful sunny day.  I had taken my walking shoes to work, but unfortunately wasn't able to get away for a walk. I was determined to get out and enjoy the sun. My husband had decided to pick up dinner on his way home from work, so instead of making dinner I headed out for a walk.  I wanted to go somewhere different to fully enjoy the weather, so I headed to a local park.

Looks like they were replacing the ball diamond lights...these things were massive!
Tennis anyone?  The have a very nice tennis facility.  Tonight there was group playing doubles on the main court - wasn't sure they wanted to be on my blog though :)

There were quite a few soccer games and football practices going on.  The first part of the walk I was regretting my timing - there was so much traffic and no sidewalks. As I got around to the back of the park, there was no traffic. That was nice. When I came around to the front side again, I did some "off-road" walking. It actually worked out well because there were more hills to work my different walking muscles.
I actually don't mind going up hills, but don't like going down. Thankfully, the way the park and roads are laid out I didn't have to go down anything steep.

In the middle of the park is a beautiful rose garden - it smelled fantastic.

During the summer they have carillon concerts on Sunday evenings.  I have never been to one of the concerts, but I did hear the music for a minute yesterday. I think they play a quick tune at various times throughout the day.
I can't not adequately express how happy I am to have a sunny weekend forecast. I certainly don't mind some rain, but weeks of rain was really getting me down. 

The winner of my 100th Blog Post Giveaway is Meg.  Congratulations!  Meg blogs at Running Just as Fast as She Can.  If you haven't checked out her blog please take a look.  She is definitely a woman on the move and has words of wisdom to share.


  1. What a gorgeous park! And it seems like it has been a week because it HAS been a week. So glad that the sun finally decided to return! It really makes all the difference.

    1. There are several photogenic spots in the park. Enjoy your sunshiny weekend...good luck Sunday :)

  2. I swear, you take the most beautiful pictures! Have you thought about selling any of your prints or putting them up in any contests?

    Looks like an amazingly beautiful evening! And I especially love the tennis court nod :)

    Congrats Meg!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you. I toy with the idea of trying to sell some, but there are so many great photographers out there I get intimidated. Maybe someday :)

  3. Replies
    1. Not surprisingly they have quite a few wedding there. It is hard to stay focused on walking with a garden to explore :)

  4. Absolutely gorgeous park! How nice to have a change of scenery. :)

  5. Oooh what a pretty walk! Love the photos!