Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas is On the Way

'Tis the season when I invite you to join me in my Christmas ornament obsession. Seriously, it so bad this year there are two trees. And all those boxes are FULL of ornaments. You know how they have dividers for individual ornaments?  Well, each of my compartment have to hold multiple ornaments. I know it is ridiculous and yet I can't (won't) stop myself.

It takes days...I started while watching Sunday night football. Hello, JJ Watt - welcome to my tree trimming party :)
Monday night my niece came over to help me for awhile. I am super excited to have a revolving tree stand this year. I bought one that did not work out and I was super disappointed. Then a certain elf surprised me with another one that is working perfectly. I could sit on the couch (I mean, march in place) all day watching the tree and ornaments go 'round.
A nod to my love of Canada Geese.
I couldn't stop myself from buying this cutie last week. Because who doesn't need a balloon dog on their tree? 
Our family is of Dutch decent and we celebrate St. Nicholas Day. On the morning of December 6 you might find your shoes full of goodies (if you were good). I have a pair of wooden shoes that we put out the night before. Look what we found in our shoes?  I know he looks like a silly soccer ball, but I am currently enamored with BB-8. I sure hope he doesn't turn out to be a dud.

I can't quite decide if I regret not getting this ornament. The face was just a little bit too wacky for me. But how did I not know after all this time that Chewie carries a purse.???
Just a warning...there will be more ornament pictures between now and Christmas. Perhaps even a post dedicated them. It will like my own version of Ode to Joy...I'll call it Ode to Ornaments.

Sunday, Millie found a tennis ball in the yard and became obsessed with it. We had friends over and they played fetch with her for quite awhile. Looks like they wore her out - she took the ball to bed with her :)
I just don't know what is going on here. My husband called me into the bedroom to this. Millie even rewarded me with a yawn for the picture. For some reason that pup is becoming more and more obsessed with the pillows.
I saw this book in Target the other day. I didn't "get" the title until I was thumbing through the book. Read "all of the other reindeer."  Olive (the dog) is sitting at home when she hears this and decides she is the the "other reindeer." And the adventure begins.
If you take a moment glance down to my December Goal accountability section (bottom of post) you will see it is not exactly going as planned. I have noticed that on days I am home that I am all over the place on tracking. I do so much better with the structure of a work day. I think the lesson in that is that I have to make sure I am on point for those work days to help counter the challenges of non-work days.

In related news....CUTIE SEASON!!!!
In addition, to a bag of Cuties (for $2.69) I bought a bunch of veggies to help me with my veggie goal. The lettuce is already almost gone thanks to last night's taco salad. Beans or asparagus tonight??   
We are finally in the single digits of the Jedi Challenge (and Episode 7 release date). When I started the challenge it seemed like it would take forever and chances were I would not finish it. Unfortunately, I have a history of not finishing. However, it looks like this just might change :) 
I found these window clings at the dollar store and decided to do a fun countdown for my husband. Every morning I will add a cling with the number of days until movie day. He is SO excited about the movie!  We have tickets for the 17th, so my two countdowns don't quite match up.

I've been focused on this Episode 7 countdown silliness. And suddenly Christmas is 2 weeks away!  I have bought a couple of presents, but I need to get serious about some shopping. Time to make that list and check it twice. Are you finished your shopping?
December 6
5 Fruits/Veggies -  banana, grapes
100 oz. water - I drank a few glasses, but didn't track.
Next best choice - About the only thing I could say is that I stuck with having cereal and a banana for breakfast instead of going out for breakfast.
December 7 
5 Fruits/Veggies - 1 c. spinach, 2 c. grapes, 1 c. butternut/broccoli, 2 c. lettuce
100 oz. water - 80
Next best choice - I made cookies for our friends who came over to watch football Sunday. There were some leftover, but I did not take any with me to work :)

December 8

5 Fruits/Veggies - 3 cups lettuce

100 oz. water - I drank several glasses, but didn't track
Next best choice - Loaded up with new fruits and veggies from Aldi


  1. I am in love with all your ornaments! I have an ornament obsession too. I have a Chewie as well but he doesn't look quite as fabulous as yours does! Mine has a crossbow in his hands.

    1. Sadly, I did buy that Chewie so I don't have one at all :( Maybe next year.

  2. LOVE the balloon dog! I'm looking forward to seeing more of the collection!

  3. Chewie's face is a bit ridiculous. Also, I didn't even know there was such a thing as a revolving tree stand! What a fantastic idea! Haha. BB-8 is super cute--my son has a BB-8 bicycle (with training wheels) coming his way this Christmas (from his grandparents)!

    1. The revolving tree stand is great...except my husband was commenting it limits the time he can look at his Star Wars ornaments.

  4. YAY I love christmas ornaments. We are unable to hang any breakable ones for the foreseeable future so I will oooh and ahhh over yours!

    1. I want to hang every single one this year...hoping next year I will have to hide the breakables ;)

  5. Such fun ornaments!! Oh and I have a new found obsession for Cuties :)

  6. The balloon dog is absolutely adorable! I can't wait to see more of your ornaments!

  7. You are rocking the Jedi Challenge! Every day I don't want to move, I remind myself that you are and get going. :)