Friday, December 18, 2015

No Spoilers!

Well, I did it. I managed to avoid any spoilers before seeing The Force Awakens.  Have no fear...there will be no spoilers here.

I didn't see the original Star Wars movies when they first came out. I wasn't really interested in the prequels - I saw them, but didn't like them. I honestly don't remember my first Star Wars experience. However, I will remember this one. I am now married to a full on Star Wars nerd. My husband was so excited. and I LOVED that. Maybe this is how people with children feel. I totally got swept up in his excitement. I had found these window clings and started a countdown on the bathroom mirror for him.

If he saw the mirror before I had a chance to put up the next cling there was "gentle" reminder. And I knew he loved it the day he Snapchatted me this picture.
We pre-ordered the tickets almost two months ago. Then Monday I went by the theater and had the actual tickets printed. I confess I was a bit anxious about the whole process. Would there be a stampede at the theater? Would we get stuck in the front row?

We arrived at 4:20 p.m. for our 8 p.m. show. There were only 6 people in line ahead of us. All the people in the picture behind us were waiting for the 7 p.m. IMAX showing.
It was 32 degrees while we were in line. It was cold but not miserable. They ended up letting us in around 6 p.m. (and we got to go straight to our warm seats - not another line).
My husband was super excited to have primo seats - back row, dead center. Ironically, these empty seats stayed open until some people came in about 7 p.m. and took them. I teased him a bit that we could have rolled in at 7 p.m. instead of 4:20 :)  No costumes for us, but you can see Boba Fett was represented.
These two were not the only ones gaming on their phones while they waited.

Guess who sat in front of us!  The lady had crocheted a yoda hat for herself.

My husband kept busy Snapchatting my niece while we waited. How cute is he??

And that is all I can tell you about the movie.

I had hoped to see more people dressed up. There were a few. A helmet-less Vader swept by me on the way to the restroom. His costume was great - lights and a cape that would make Mary at Runs to Get Waisted swoon :) There was a girl dressed as Rey and a guy as a Jedi Knight. She didn't have a costume, but I saw the cutest little blond girl with Leia buns.

In health related news....I did not eat ALL my Milk Duds (or Milk Dudes as we call them) during the movie. This is what I found in my purse this morning. I really don't know what made them warm enough to melt. And yes, I know what it looks like, but it didn't stop me from breaking off a piece this morning.
We didn't make these Star Wars gingerbread men cookies, but I had to share. I saw them on Facebook (made by a friend of a friend). How cute are they?
With a the movie viewed and 100 days of streaking and I am wrapping up the the Jedi Challenge. The packet of star stickers I bought for my chart only had 98 stickers. At the time, I didn't think that would be a problem because I am not known as "The Finisher."  I suspected there would be at least two days missed and I wouldn't need all the stars anyway. Yet, here I am at the end and two stickers short. Truth is, I didn't do the last day because we were swept away by movie day. I will do the last day today and I am good with that.
I am proud of myself for finishing. I am proud of myself for all the days I did it even when I didn't want to. Thank you again to Desiree at Finding the Skinny Geek Within for such a fun idea. And, as always, a shout out to my Lovely Ladies and my husband for all their encouragement (and kicks in the hiney)  :)  Now I am looking ahead for ways to keep this good habit going.

Finally, for those who have ever wondered what is up Millie's nose.... I do kinda love this picture. Millie is a bit standoffish about having her picture taken (especially with my cell phone). This time she was a poser and I love her little eyes peeking over her snout.
One week until Christmas....are you ready?  I have made some progress, but have a ways to go.


  1. So glad y'all had a great movie experience despite the milk dudes melting! (Dudes, I love it!)

    I think I'm ready for Christmas. Just need to wrap presents! I love that pic of Millie!

  2. I love milk duds! And I love hearing about everyone going to see the movie. Plus, I haven't seen any spoilers yet!

    And I really love me some Millie pictures!

  3. Glad you had fun, but too bad about the lack of costumes. Super fan nerds need to get on that!

  4. I know at our theater they didn't allow helmets, which may have been why the Darth Vader guy came by in just a hot cape. ;) We didn't really have costumed people, just lots of us in shirts, lots of Leia buns, and me in my Death Star tights!

  5. I know at our theater they didn't allow helmets, which may have been why the Darth Vader guy came by in just a hot cape. ;) We didn't really have costumed people, just lots of us in shirts, lots of Leia buns, and me in my Death Star tights!

  6. Congrats on sticking with the whole 100 day challenge!