Monday, May 26, 2014

5 Miles!

We decided on a a long walk this
morning.  Our county has some
great bike trails, which also can be
used for walking and running.
Since we have that 10K race coming
up in three weeks I wanted to check
in on our endurance building.
We chose a trail, checked the trail map and chose a destination about 2.5 miles away.  We planned to walk to that point and then back to reach our 5 mile goal. We started out strong.  Millie was a bit of a many new sights and smells.  The first couple miles seemed to be fun and games. By the time we got to our turn around our 30% chance of rain forecast became 100% chance of rain reality.  The rain was coming down very steady almost the whole way back to the car.  Thankfully, it was not cold, but about a mile from the finish we were both over being soaked, our wet dog was not the least bit worn out....we just wanted to be finished! 

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