Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day BBQ

My husband finally bought himself a new bike.  His old (ancient) bike has had tire issues and we kept debating on replacing the tires or buying a new bike. 

This morning we rode the bikes 3 miles and then I walked a mile. Wow!  I can not believe the difference in leg use between walking and biking.  I thought it would be somewhat easier to ride since I'd been walking for several weeks.  Maybe it just would have been even tougher if I hadn't been.  Anyway, I could really feel the work in the front of my thighs.  And I could definitely feel it in my hiney...can't wait for that part to toughen up :)  I didn't have to get off for any of the small hills we rode on, but I was huffing and puffing by the time I reached the top.  Good thing I have a patient husband.  I know at some point we are going to be working at different levels and I don't want to hold him back from getting a good workout. 

After our three miles on the bike we hit the loop for a mile walk (husband ran).  My legs were less than amused.  It took awhile to get in the walking rhythm after being on the bike.  Even once in rhythm they did feel sluggish.  I supposed after the 5 mile walk yesterday and then the bike they had reason to be sluggish.  I just took it kind of easy on the walk.  

I had been a little worried about Memorial Day BBQs.  I think we have successfully navigated our first holiday.  We were careful with our calories earlier in the day but not to the point of having so many at the end that we went crazy.  The greatest victory comes in recording the calories.  You really stop and make decisions about what to eat.  For example, I love pork steak, but I chose a small piece so I would be able to "afford" dessert.  I greatly enjoyed my small (1/2 cup ice cream) sundae. 

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