Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Can I Do It?

I suppose the correct question is "Will I do it?"  I've been at this point so many times.  Happy to be getting exercise...I've never regretted a workout!  On target with calorie counting.  But fear, doubt, frustration is screaming at me...how long will this last?  A week or two?  Then back to my same old habits?  At the beginning of every attempt I've made to lose weight and be healthy, I always tell myself this time will be different. 

Having told myself that so many times and being here yet again I feel like a failure.  Why should I believe I can actually succeed?  I love to read the success stories on people's blogs.  Is it possible that a year from now someone may be reading my blog and finding inspiration in my success? 

I promised myself I would be honest on this blog.  I wouldn't just record the good, but also the bad and even the ugly.  Tonight I am feeling a bit of the ugly.  I had planned to walk with Millie this morning...but when the time came I found excuses.  The fridge needed to be cleaned.  Okay, it did, but I am sure I would have had time after a walk.  I think this "failure" set the tone for my day.  Tomorrow Millie and I will walk first thing in the morning and see if that sets a better tone.

I am sure the rambling could go on and on.  Perhaps the best thing to do at a time like this is go to bed and start anew tomorrow. 

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