Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Regaining My Footing

There is so much I want to say, but I am afraid if I try to say it all I will never get my blog back on track.  So I am just going to throw stuff out there and let you sort through this crazy ride with me.

As you might have guessed we received a foster care placement.  I would love to share all the details of these little people, but due to confidentiality reasons I am quite limited in what I can say. I can tell you it has been CRAZY!  My husband have gone from never being parents to having two children in our home 24/7.  The girl (who I will call Minnie) is 3.5 years old and the boy (who I will call Mickey) is 11 months old. We have our hands full!  There are really sweet children and seem to be adapting well. The baby is finally sleeping mostly through the night, which helps me think I can pick up a little blogging again.

The little ones have been with us for about three weeks and this week I think we are starting to find our new normal. I have actually cooked some meals and not gone to bed in a complete exhausted stupor.

Tonight I was even able to go out and water my garden. I had started planting before the little ones arrived, but since then the garden has been sorely neglected for the most part. My mom came over one day and we just threw the plants in holes and hoped for the best. Minnie actually helped us - Mickey was napping (I love napping babies!)  Minnie has also enjoyed picking lettuce and spinach. I can't wait for her to see the other goodies that will come from the garden.  I took a few pictures while I was watering. Things are a little behind and there is a weed problem, but it isn't as bad as I feared out there.

Got a little carried away with the eggplants - three different varieties.
 My sister-in-law sent me seeds for daikon radishes - they are out of control.
Not much radish for that giant plant. The daikon in a Japanese radish. It has fairly mild flavor and frankly doesn't seem that much different than my Easter egg radishes. I was reading a bit about them and apparently in North America they are grown more for their fast growing leaves which is used for animal fodder. I doubt I will plant them again, just cause the plants are SO big.
Some pretty scrawny looking tomatoes. Maybe I need some Miracle Gro.
I think I better harvest some of this dill. I will freeze some again. That worked so well - tasted fresh for a long time.
 I see baby broccoli :)
 Swiss chard.
I have been working on getting back to better eating habits especially since we have little ones watching us now.

Minnie didn't love the veggie/egg muffins the first time, but I will try again. She did like the blueberry/banana smoothie (sshhh...don't tell her about the spinach I hid in there.)
 The lettuce is doing well, so I am inspired to eat more salads.
This morning Mickey had a bowl of oatmeal with strawberries and blueberries. I think I will be having that tomorrow too :)
My husband has been "sick" and Minnie has been doctoring him. It has been touch and go, but I think he is going to make it. I am still not sure what he had, but apparently the band-aids on the feet were key to his recovery. (Sorry Des!)
Enough for tonight, but let me close with how proud I am of this lovely young lady. My little niece graduated from 8th grade today. I can't even comprehend she will be in high school next year. She is a sweet, smart beautiful girl....and she won't stop growing (or maybe I am shrinking).
Thanks for letting me jump back in with a random catch up of the last few weeks. As I regain my footing I want to get back on track with blogging and more importantly with improving my health. Hope all has been well with you :)

Monday, May 2, 2016

Birthday Pup

Happy Birthday, to our little Zommie. She is a spry 15 years old. She is a true to her breed sweet and stubborn. Ask Millie who the boss is - no doubt it is Zommie.

I don't think in all the years I have made her wear a birthday hat, but since we have been torturing Millie on her birthdays, it seemed only fair Zommie got a turn. We took some hats and plates out to the farm to "celebrate" with Buddy too. The goal was to get a cute birthday picture of Zommie and her friends (frenemies?)  Here are just a few of the pictures documenting the craziness that ensued. I hope they give you a smile this Monday morning.


 And this is why you don't invite BIG dogs to your party. Millie & Buddy went crazy stealing plates...

And there goes Buddy with the whole stack.  Incidentally, we never got that bag of Snausages open - so much for "easy open" tabs.


Poor Zommie...Buddy kept stealing her hat. I finally got a picture about the third time he stole it :)

Happy Birthday Zommie!