Resources that are helping me along my journey.  
Check them out!


Available online and as an easy to use app.  MyFitnessPal allows you to track daily calorie intake by using a huge database of foods. With your cell phone you can even scan UPC codes to get the nutrition info automatically entered in your Food Diary. You can also track your exercise. MyFitnessPal does the calculations for you!

Pandora is a free online radio. You enter a favorite song, artist or genre of music and Pandora will create a station based on what you like.  I love 80s music, so I entered Girls Just Want to Have Fun and now I have a station of upbeat walking music. 

Track Calculator

This tool from has several conversion options for walking/running on a track.  I have used it to calculate distance on a track based on which lane I am in.  I thought I would have to walk 12 laps to get my 3 miles, but only had to do 11 in lane 7.

These recommendations are based solely on my experiences.
No one has asked (or paid) me to mention them. 

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  1. Hi Anna
    Thanks for having a look @ my blog! Looks like we started our weight loss journey around the same time last year! Continued success!!