Monday, June 16, 2014

Am I Really Hungry?

Originally, I planned to still walk on Sunday morning - maybe a leisurely pace :) However, one look at my house told me I better use some of that time and energy to regain control. I am loving our new workout schedule, but it has made an impact on housework. I am a zillion times more productive first thing in the morning so I often do housework before I leave for work. Now that we are working out during that time I need to figure out a new plan.

I spent the day cleaning and getting ready for an evening Father's Day BBQ at our house. I also spent the day being very "hungry".  Probably not really hungry - I just wanted to eat stuff.  I had a smoothie and piece of cheese for breakfast and within an hour I was thinking about food again. I have this breakfast frequently and easily make it to lunch so I don't know why yesterday was so different. Could it have been the long walk the day before? Or maybe I just wanted to stop cleaning house. By the time I was doing errands, I was ravenous. I decided to pick up a Jimmy John's sandwich - turkey, no mayo. Let me say, the mayo makes all the difference. My sandwich was not the least bit satisfying. Then I wanted something sweet. I had a small box of raisins.

I didn't want to give into snacking because I was trying to reserve calories for the BBQ.  My mother-in-law was bringing Jello cake and ice cream. I wanted some of that. I did pretty well at the BBQ.  Potluck type meals are difficult to figure calories. I try to look dishes up on MyFitnessPal and make my best educated guess. For example, we had potato salad at the BBQ. I looked up homemade potato salad on MyFitnessPal.  There were several options.  I picked one that was in the middle and kept to one serving. Who decided 1/2 cup of potato salad is one serving anyway???

When in doubt I keep to one serving.  Even ice cream.  The package says a serving is a 1/2 cup. So that is all I have - even if I have the calories to spare. I am trying to train myself to be satisfied with a serving. Again I have to reflect on how much I would have mindlessly eaten had I not been tracking calories. I am a huge believer in the power of the food diary. 

Tomorrow is weigh-in.....


  1. Hey you did awesome ! Also, I just saw you on Katie's motivational Monday !! way to go !!

    1. Thanks! I was super excited to be chosen :) She always has great stories on Motivational Monday.