Saturday, June 21, 2014

Eyes to the Sky

Good morning!  I wanted to share a couple pictures from yesterday before I get to today. When I got home from work I realized I forgot my cell phone at work. So after dinner my husband and I drove to get it. I am glad I we went to get it when we did. Got to see some incredible clouds as a storm rolled in.  Hopefully you can tell from the angle that I am not driving. I am sticking my camera out the window and holding it above the roof snapping pics like a fool. It was so pretty with the light and dark clouds.

On the way home we drove straight through the rain. It was a torrential downpour. I was so thankful that my husband was driving. The rain stopped and we were almost home when I asked my husband to pull over so I could get a shot of this. It is not often I see the whole rainbow. I don't think I've ever taken a picture of one.

On to this morning. It has already been a busy day. We got up at 5 a.m. because my husband was meeting his friend, his friend's son and our nephew to go golfing. Of course, we had to get a workout in first.  I walked two miles 16:15 & 15:30 - not particularly fast but I was okay with it. I thought about going three miles but decided to head home so I could get my husband breakfast before he headed out the door. 

This weekend is turning out to be the weekend of the sky. Check out this picture from this morning. Another reason I love my morning walks.

Maybe I would walk faster if I left my camera at home. I can't resist reflections...
Practicing selfies for my next race.  The one I took during the 10K was horrendous. This is a little better. 
With my husband gone and my walk finished, I decided to get to work. The flowerbeds (iris, daylilies, hostas) have become desperately overgrown. I don't know how it gets away from me so fast. Not to mention all this morning exercise has really cut into my morning productivity. I think it will be worth it in the end. I spent an hour and a half weeding like a madwoman. That has to be worth at least 18 zillion calories, right?? That should come in handy tomorrow when I am having a piece of chocolate birthday cake.

I just wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. I didn't do the best job, but it is definitely an improvement.



The "what am I going to do with it now?" pile.
Did I mention my husband went golfing?? Seriously, I am happy he went. In the summer his work is pretty strenuous and he doesn't get near enough time hanging out with his friends. On an unrelated note - he is looking so good!!! Down 30 pounds :)  He has been doing great on calories (cut out fast food) and working out like crazy. Kicking the soda habit has been a big help too,

I better get myself out of this chair and moving again before all my muscles tighten up.  Tomorrow is the birthday party for my sister and niece. We are making the cake (pictures tomorrow) and I have a little shopping to finish up.  Happy Saturday!!


  1. Happy Saturday -- what a gorgeous sky... I am not much of a gardener, so I couldn't tell there were weeds in your before photo .. i figure if its all green it belongs there.... good thing I live in the forest... not much to tend to -- have a great weekend !

    1. Yeah the green effect is probably why I let the weeds get out of control. The kinds of plants I have blend with the grass to some degree. I like gardens but I don't like the weeding part. Hope your weekend is rejuvenating :)

  2. Good walking/jogging pace. I'm working on it too. Any tips?

    1. Thanks! I am new at this whole timing thing. My goal is to know that I am pushing myself. I heard long ago that you should be able to talk while you are walking but not really want should not be able to sing. Don't know if that is true but I try it every now and then when I am walking to see how I am doing.