Friday, June 27, 2014

Men Sweat - Women Glow?

Ugh! This morning's walk was tough. I was convinced when I checked my Garmin stats that the temperature was much warmer and higher humidity than yesterday. Only 2 degrees warmer and 100% humidity both days. Why did it feel so much tougher this morning? I walked 3 miles (a little over 16 minute/mile) and the last 1/2 mile I really just wanted someone to come pick me up. I made myself grind it out.

The first mile I walked by myself.  Then my husband passed Millie off to me so that she wouldn't have to run the whole time. He is up to 4-5 miles and that is just too much for her I think. We have been walking/running on a loop in the neighborhood that is about a mile. Since we at different paces, we walk opposite directions on the loop so we meet up every lap to encourage each other. I think it makes us speed up a little too.  We both seem to be trying to meet sooner than the other person expects.

Mile 2 was my best, even though it was the first mile I had Millie - she is a bit of a distraction. I felt bad for my husband when he left the house with her.  She was so excited and jumping around he could barely run straight.  Then by my third mile I think Millie was getting bored with me and looking for my husband again. Maybe she wanted to get away from grumpy me - I just wanted to be finished.

You know how they say "men sweat and women glow?"  Well by the time I got back to the house I definitely had my "glow" on!  Despite it being a tough morning I was happy to have done it. Seriously, does anyone ever look back and say "I wish I hadn't worked out today?"

Tonight I went to watch my nephew's wrestling tournament. I like to watch him wrestle but there is so much waiting time between matches. I think it might have been the first time we have been on our own for dinner since we started watching our calories. It felt weird to not be making dinner for my husband. Of course, he did great on his own and I stopped at Subway on my way to the tournament.

Busy weekend planned. I hope I can keep up with myself :)


  1. You are rocking it !! going out and finishing even tho its are doing great !

  2. Thank you! It feels good when you know you made it through a challenge.