Sunday, June 29, 2014

Whew - Busy Weekend!

We live in a great neighborhood and walking/running/biking around it is nice, but the way it is set up we end up doing several loops and it can get a bit boring. On the weekends we have been trying to make our workouts a little more interesting.

Saturday morning we chose the levee.  My husband planned to run 5 miles and I thought it would be fun to take my bike and ride with him while he ran. I made games of riding ahead and then back to him or letting him get ahead and racing to catch up.

I ended up getting very sidetracked by a barge going through the lock. I had never seen that before. It is incredible they can steer that massive barge through the lock. Of course, I was too far away to tell for sure, but it looked like there was only a few feet clearance on both sides of the barge.

Is he going to make it??

No problem!

I had to really move to catch him after I had dillydallied around watching the barge go into the lock.  He was probably a mile ahead of me. I don't think it was possible for my feet to pedal any faster.

Sometimes when you are taking pictures while riding a bike this happens. A couple of times I thought I might go over the edge of the levee down to the road..yikes!  Maybe as dangerous as texting and driving.

I caught him!!  This is actually one of my favorite pictures so far.  Love the lock and barge. Love how strong my husband looks.  Love how I felt riding along with him.

After our workout we came home had breakfast and headed out to the farmer's market. Going to the farmer's market has become one of our favorite activities. We take the dogs and just wander around checking out the new in-season produce. It seems they are just a little ahead of my garden. We bought some of our favorite tomatoes - yellow cherry (Sun Gold).  We grow them in our garden, but they won't be ready a week or two. Seriously, they are like eating candy (without the guilt!)  The farmer's market has more than produce - lots of plants and other crafts.

I am loving this rings - especially the blue stone in the center and the orange one above it. I am thinking of a (or two) of these rings will be my reward.

My in-laws live out in the country.  The dogs LOVE to go out there to run and play with their dogs.  Well, Millie loves to run and play.  Zommie more likes to follow my mother-in-law around waiting for treats to "fall."

Millie had a great time chasing sticks in the creek.

Zommie is more of a sit on the beach kind of gal.

Before we left the farm my mother-in-law walked down the road about a 1/4 mile to take some pictures of a beautiful sunflower field.  And of course, I founds some other flowers I couldn't resist taking a few shots of too.

Queen Anne's lace.

In the evening, I went with my sister, mom, nieces and a friend to see Tarzan (musical).  It was a good production.  Before the show we had a picnic in the park.  We call it our French picnic - bread, cheese, fruit, pastry, sparkling grape juice.  It was so good.  I stayed in calories but it was, love, love, bread and cheese!! In unrestricted eating I can only imagine how many calories I would have eaten!

Sunday morning I lazed in bed while my husband went running. He left about 6 a.m. I should have gone, but I was so tired after not getting to bed until midnight. I am trying to find balance. If I am working out everyday I think it is okay to take a day off. I just fear falling off the wagon...first one day, then another, etc.

When my husband came back from his run he made breakfast and brought it to me in bed...awww!  He made me an over easy egg on toast and some apple slices. One of the best breakfasts ever!  He has definitely paying attention to how many calories I like to use for breakfast and hit it perfectly.

By the time I'd had breakfast it was almost 9 a.m. and I realized I wanted to do something.  I just didn't want to lay around like a slug :)  I suggested taking the bikes to one of the many bike trails. We chose another part of the trail that goes on the levee. This particular part actually had limited river view. We rode south a couple miles then back to the start...then north for a couple miles and back to the start. Let me just say the final two miles was ridiculous - a head wind came up.  I couldn't believe the difference it made going into the wind. I could not wait to be finished. We ended up having ridden 9 miles...and my hiney survived!

This part of the bike path needs a little work.I didn't really like riding under all those power could hear them sizzle.

We are not going downhill - just the crazy angles of a biking photographer.

I would have liked to show you a picture of me on the bike.  I had my husband take a couple.  But oh my, I did NOT like the way I looked on that bike. I will keep those pictures for the dramatic before/after post. I did have him take this picture of me standing by the canal. You get the idea of my shape without my feeling mortified at the thought of it being on the internet forever.

And a lovely rear view :)  After the bike ride I was debating going into this fountain.  I chickened out.  I didn't realize I was being photographed so this is authentic as it gets.

It was a wonderful weekend filled with fun activities and good food...and no guilt :)


  1. what a fun weekend ! so glad you had fun, and you were active, and your calories were in line... you are rocking this !! oh and your husband running 5 miles every morning ???? OMG I cant imagine !!

    1. Thanks - it was a good weekend :) Yeah, I can't believe my husband runs 5 miles every morning. He just took to it so fast. We are signing up for a 5K in a few weeks, so I think he might cut back to 3 miles and work on speed.

  2. Looks like a wonderful weekend! What camera do you use? Your pics are stunning!

    1. Thanks! Most of the pictures are taken with my goofy cell phone. The ones at the farm on today's blog were taken with a little point and shoot camera - I can't remember what kind at the moment. I was surprised how well the sunflowers and queen anne's lace turned out. The flowers/foliage at the prairie I took with my Canon 20D - an older digital SLR. It is kinda big and I only take it when picture taking is the main event.

  3. Wow, what a fun weekend! I keep reminding myself I need to check out the farmers market. Maybe this weekend!

    I am in my local production of Tarzan! How funny! I'm Kala.

    I know what you mean about certain pics of ourselves. We are certainly our worst critics.

    1. Yes, check it out and post a report. There is one in the town in the opposite direction that I think we are going to check out soon. Good luck in your Tarzan production. When is it? We need to see your gorilla pictures :)