Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hair Bands

Okay, whose first thought was the bands used to tie your crazy hair up or down while you are working out?  Fleurty and Fit makes some cute ones you should check out (I haven't ordered one yet but it is on my list).

When I say Hair Bands I am speaking as a child of the 80s....Poison, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, etc.  This morning while I was walking I had enough of the lightweight 80s bee-bop music from my current Pandora station. So I created a new station on my Pandora app. I used "Shot Through the Heart" as my sample to create the station. It was fun to hear some more powerful music - Scorpions, Europe, etc. It made me feel stronger.

Speaking of knee seems to be recovered. I had a twinge or two while I was walking but nothing that concerned me and nothing afterwards. My happy walking feet burning up the pavement!!!

I wish my cell phone would truly capture all the beautiful sunrises I am enjoying during our morning workouts. This morning the sky was so pink. I loved this shot anyway because it shows the road out before me. And who doesn't love a pink road?  Made me so happy knowing that I am back on my walking regimen.

I was very satisfied with these times for the first time back in almost a week.  I wanted to test my knee and still get a good workout. I think I am accomplished that goal. Even though the times don't really reflect it, it took my body awhile to warm up this morning.

Avg Pace

This evening after dinner we took the dogs to the prairie at a nearby park. Started in 1977, the prairie has been planted with tons of beautiful native prairie plants. It is fun to go throughout the season and see all the different plants in bloom.  Many of the plants are taller than me already.  (See end of post for just some of the beautiful plants we saw - photography is one of my passions.)

This guy was not at all happy to have us in his prairies...I think he said lots of bad words!  Redwing blackbirds are one of my favorites...

Millie and Zommie (our 13 year old dachshund) had a good time checking out all the interesting smells. And afterwards we let them run and play ball.


It was a nice evening.  I was surprised that Millie tired out before us!!

I took the following flower/foliage pictures this evening as we walked through the prairie. You might think this is a boat load of pictures but I assure you it is just a fraction of what I took :)  They do a guided tour a couple times a month. I need to remember to go sometime to find out what all the different flowers are.


  1. So glad your knee is better!

    And I just adore the photos! Excellent pictures!

    1. Thank you! I love taking pictures although it is a little more challenging with a leash in your hand too :)

  2. Oh the pics are just stunning! Glad you are back on track and hopefully the knee will continue to get better!

    1. Thank you! It feels good to not be worrying about my knee every step. I was worried I was posting too many pictures...

  3. awesome on all levels... great knee recovery, and great dog / flower photos -- keep up the good work.