Friday, June 12, 2015

Random Abandon

I am just hopping into this post with random abandon. It seems to be the theme of my life at the moment. With the flooring project that seems to keep growing I am doing my best to keep up with it all :) 

This is the dill I picked the other day and am trying a freezer method of preserving it. I tend to have a little trouble with freezer burn. My in-laws suggested "vacuum sealing" my freezer bags by using a straw to suck out the air. This is my first attempt at this as well. 

Remember the pizza party last week? We cut up a bunch of veggies and let guests make "decorate" their own pizzas. There were a couple of cups leftover veggies that didn't get used in the pizza...including all of the mushrooms (a complete mystery to me). In my effort to clean out the fridge, I came up with a couple of delicious meals to use up the leftovers.

I even had a little bit of the dough left. I ended up making the best pizza of the bunch (in my opinion). I rolled out the dough and brushed it with garlic infused olive oil that I had made for the salad-topped pizza. Then I covered it with fresh spinach and a bunch of the leftover peppers, onions and mushrooms. Sprinkled it with mozzarella cheese and baked it. I loved it! Seriously, I want to eat it every day.  My husband, on the other hand, would never eat it due to "fungus infestation."

My pizza didn't use up all the chopped veggies, so I made an egg scramble for breakfast the next day. I sauteed the veggies and then tossed in a couple of eggs. It, too, was delicious. Now I am thinking I need to prep "leftover veggies" to keep on hand at all times.

I think our Millie pup has been a bit out of sorts with our demolition phase of our flooring project. However, I did catch a contented moment on the couch the other day. She sits like this all the time and is starting to make a permanent indention on the arm of the couch. I can't seem to make her stop because she looks so cute :)

We have some wild-ish daylilies next to our driveway. It is a small bed that my husband keeps trimmed and under control. However, my I think my neighbor is hinting that we should cut them down because they are wild. I don't think that is going to happen.

My hydrangea is in full bloom. For some reason it doesn't make the big puffy heads of flowers, but I still love it. My husband gave it to me for my first birthday that we were together. It has since been dubbed the "relationship bush" - kinda like the "love fern" in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.
Clearly our relationship is in good shape :)  Well, it might be a little out of control, but I am afraid to trim it for fear it won't bloom.
What's new in the garden?  Second crop of lettuce (planted a couple weeks after the first) is doing well. I kinda love how the lettuce leaves are all standing at attention in this picture.
My eggplant is blooming. I can't wait to see a baby eggplant emerge. I still haven't decided how I am going to prepare it and forever change my mind about my current dislike of eggplant.
The tomatillos are just makin' babies like mad. I am going to have to find a way to preserve my salsa verde this year.
My first squash didn't make it. I am hopeful this one will continue to grow and be delicious. There are several more babies growing. I think you are supposed to pinch a few, but I just can't make myself do it.
The most exciting garden news is the ripening of 4 glorious Sun Gold tomatoes. I can't wait to share them with my husband tonight.. To keep it real, I didn't pull out the grass growing up in the middle of my plant before taking the picture. Weeding is not my favorite part of gardening.
We had borrowed my in-laws shop vac and when my father-in-law needed it back he brought this lovely new machine over :)  My one concern is that when he brought it over he said "happy birthday". Since, my birthday is closest, did he mean me? Did I really just get a shop vac for my birthday?!!??

I don't even know what to say about this. Just put my husband and niece together and this is the sort of stuff that happens and gets recorded.

So there is a random tour of my current life... Have a great weekend, everyone :)


  1. Oh my god. You have a relationship bush. That may have almost made me fall out of my chair laughing.

    And is it bad that I would be excited about getting a good vacuum for my birthday?

    1. Yes, Tiina we are those people :) Okay, really it is just me. The shop vac is great, but...

  2. I think you have an 'Anabelle' hydrangea. They don't get the "mop-headed" blooms, but the flatter, more open type you show. Perfectly normal and, to me, more charming. Enjoy your relationship bush! Deb

    1. Thanks for the info, Deb. I was wondering about it.

  3. Um, your leftover veggies meals look sooooo good! I think I need to prep some "leftover veggies" as well! Also, jealous of your garden. And your relationship bush :D

    1. I was out in the garden this morning trying to pick peas/beans in the rain (cause apparently it is never going to stop raining) and getting eaten alive by an army of mosquitoes (does that help with the jealousy?). I need a clear day so I can tie up the tomatoes and cucumbers...they are getting away from me :)