Friday, December 11, 2015

Keep Walking

I had an extra burst of energy at work the other day. I was putting together packets for a meeting. Instead of sitting back down at my desk as each part copied, I was a marching fool (there might even been a dance move or two). Thankfully, I was in the office alone. I don't mind sharing my wacky with you all, but not so eager to share with the co-workers.
After packets were done I ate my lunch. This is my Mostly Leftovers Soup. I started with my homemade broth (made from leftover chicken bones), rice (leftover from homemade General Tso's), broccoli (leftover from another dinner) and butternut cubes (fresh from the squash). I added some curry powder to round out the flavors. It was good. Not the best soup ever, but lots of veggies and a good use-up of leftovers. A couple of Cuties completed the meal.
After I ate at my desk, I headed out into the work neighborhood for a walk. Most times when I walk at work I like to eat my lunch first. If I wait until after my walk, I am thinking about how hungry I am the whole time, instead of enjoying the walk. I also like to walk a bit later because it helps me get through the long afternoon.
I hope my walking posture is a little better than this guy's posture. And I am thankful for hands and feet. But like this guy I seriously wonder sometimes if my head is attached :)
I thought this decoration was cute. I am not a the biggest fan of nutcrackers, but I really liked them as sentries on each side of the door - a charming tableau. I also thought the ornaments in the flower box was creative. Now I think I need flower boxes.
I had a doctor's appointment yesterday (I will spare you the details). I just thought this waiting room decor had an interesting look. Chairs that were not against a way had a burlap and floral swag on the back (like you would see at a wedding.)
I have been out of the groove on morning walks lately. However, today is going to be a busy day. During my lunch hour I have a couple of errands to run ('tis the season). This evening is my office Christmas party. I really wanted to get my walk in, so I wasn't fretting all day about when I was going to do it. I didn't do my usual morning household chores, but at least I walked :)

It looks like my neighborhood is all about the inflatables this year.
"I'm melting...I'm melting". Oh wait, wasn't that was the Wicked Witch of the West who said that, right? Perhaps this guy is just bowing to a princess as she passes :)

This guy was fully inflated when I walked by the first time but it was too dark for a picture. He is a super cute dino with animation that moves his head from side to side as though he is looking for lunch...perhaps a tasty walker.
I was surprised to see the greenery in this section. It looked a bit more like spring than winter.

This lawn reminded me of my southern friends who are still moving their yards. My husband would probably have a stroke if I asked him to mow in December. It sure looks like a freshly mowed yard under that frost.
I was happy to be out and walking this morning. Having a workout done and out of the way feels great physically and mentally!
Our weekend plans include car shopping, a trip for my husband and hopefully some productive Christmas shopping. What are your plans?

December 9
5 Fruits/Veggies - 1 c. spinach, banana, 1 c. butternut/broccoli, 2 clementines. 2 c lettuce
100 oz. water - 80+
Next best choice - I made lasagna for dinner.I ate a salad first, then enjoyed a small piece of the lasagna.
December 10
5 Fruits/Veggies - 1 c. spinach, banana, asparagus
100 oz. water - 52
Next best choice - I ate breakfast at home even though I had early doctor's appointment and didn't think I had time.


  1. Great job getting it in! I love inflatables, I really do but my tiny yard only can hold one (which is probably a good thing...) So this year we have Jedi Master Yoda donning his Santa hat and a present. Trust me, mowing the grass in December is not something we like to do either. I looked back on my memories on FB this morning. Do you know a year ago we had an ice day!? (We didnt get any; nor any snow but the threat was there apparently!). Weird weather. Hope you have fun at your office party tonight!

    1. There are so many adorable could become an addiction!

  2. Love all the Christmas decorations on your walk!! :)

    1. One of my favorite things about neighborhood walks is all the different seasonal decorations.

  3. We saw that dino in the neighborhood when I the boys and I ran our 5K. They loved it!

    1. It is super cute...maybe they need it!

  4. I love all of your walking pics. :) Inflatables can be so tricky - a little deflation or wind and things can start to get weird.

    1. Yeah, I think that is why I haven't succumbed to getting any. Also when they they are not inflated and it rains or knows on them is a bit messy.