Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Day 1 and A New Page

I am just going to say it I am quite happy with Day 1 of the March2May challenge. I did an official challenge start weigh-in. Not ready to share that number yet, but someday...

I ran to Aldi at lunch time to grab some veggies. I needed my grilled veggie egg muffin wraps!!  On sale at the "grocery" store this week....all kinds of fitness goodies. In addition, to groceries Aldi always has an array of interesting items.
A couple of ladies in our group have tried mini-steppers. I've been thinking about getting one, so this one caught my eye. I will have to do a little more research on this brand before I plunk down my $40.
As soon as I got home from work I ran out to light the grill. Then prepped the veggies (and a couple pieces of chicken) and got to grilling. I didn't realize that the temperature was dropping like it did, but I had to get my grilling done.

Incidentally, the collage below is my very first completely-on-my-phone collage. While I waited for the food to cook (and to take my mind off the cold), I installed PicCollage, took the pictures, made the collage and shared it on Facebook. I know, I know I am amazing...I can now do what most third graders have been doing for the past couple of years :)
I had bought a big package of ground beef at Sam's the other day (just under $3/lb for 93/7).  I put 4 pounds in the freezer. I decided to use a pound to make a big pot of chili for lunches (mostly for my husband, but I am sure I will have a lunch or two out of it). Of course, I added some extra veggies - diced zucchini is one of my favorite tricks for more veggies.
I pulled a package of our garden tomatoes from the freezer and threw them in the pot. I try to freeze several quarts of tomatoes every year just for chili.
I made hamburgers for dinner with some of the ground beef. I had mine on an English muffin with spinach, red onion and tomato. I also sprinkled some red curry powder to my patty before I cooked it. It didn't give it as much flavor as I hoped, Next time I think I need to mix it in the meat. Overall, it was a tasty burger.
After dinner, I made a giant batch of egg muffins. So, I am all set for a week of breakfast wraps. I am actually hoping my husband will eat some of them cause I might have gone a little crazy. I didn't have any cheese so these are cheese-less. To be honest, I think they are prettier without the cheese on top and I don't think there is much of a taste difference.
I got a fun package in the mail. Christina, one of our Lovely Ladies and blogger at Love Yourself Healthy has been shrinking out of her workout wear and offered it up to our group. I picked these fun crop pants and a pair of black leggings. They arrived yesterday and I LOVE them. I probably would not have bought this pattern for myself cause I am so conservative, but the are fantastic and I think I will make some different choices in the future. I can be fun too, right?  I can't wait to test-walk them :)  The leggings are a tad long, but I am planning to work on my BMI with a growth spurt, so...  Thank you, Christina for your generosity!
I finished the day with one more glass of water for a total of 92 ounces.
I am trying a photo food log for the month of March. If you would like to see everything I ate checkout my new "food log" tab for details. I would like this to be a fun new level of accountability for me.

I will call yesterday a very successful start. Today I will start my working on my exercise minutes :)


  1. You go girl! That is a successful start indeed! I am in LOVE with the leggings! I rarely wear them but that makes me think twice about it especially at the gym. I may look into getting me a pair or two! I so want to try some of those breakfast muffins too. They look fantastic! (And the burger looks delish too!

    1. I totally see myself buying another pair. I love that the muffins can be made in advance and are ready for an uber-quick breakfast.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks - they are super comfortable too.

  3. Way to rock those leggings!
    I wish I loved egg muffins more. Yours look delicious!

    1. Eggs don't always work for me, but I think all the veggies and then the wrap is balancing the egg-ness well.

  4. Awesome on a wonderful start to the challenge!

    I agree...once you start to pick some more 'colorful and wild' workout clothes you will find that it's fun to wear them! :-)

    1. I bought new shoes a couple weeks ago and was a tad disappointed that the ones that fit me best were gray....there were so many fun colors!

  5. How did you freeze the tomatoes? Did you have to do anything special?

    I love the Grimace glass!