Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Photo Walk and Halloween Fun

A friend of mine invited me to a Photo Walk a local camera store was sponsoring. The location was about an hour and a half away. However, we managed to get lost and make it a much longer trip :)  Eventually, we arrived.

Although I was happy with some of the pictures. I was a bit disappointed in broader landscape shots. The area just seemed a bit overwhelming. There were so many things to focus on in one picture I feel like I couldn't do the scenery justice. It actually turned out we were over taking pictures before the actual photo walk group got started. I am actually glad we missed it because there were tons of people. I can't imagine trying to get any decent pics with that many people milling around and trying to navigate the narrow trails.

We left the canyon and found these adorable faces along the way home. Is there anything sweeter than cow faces?

It was fun to celebrate Halloween this year with our little sidekick. On Saturday we made sugar cookies. We used my mom's old tin cookie cutters. The same ones we used when I was her age. We even tried to make the cookies like we she did. She would but the circle out of yellow dough and then cut out a shape and inlay that same shape in a black cookie to make a silhouette against the moon. I think our versions need a little more work :)

Guess who we are??  I couldn't find the color hoodies I wanted to all match, so I bought white hoodies and attempted my first clothes dyeing. It was actually super easy - a washing machine and a bottle of Rit dye. The color was exactly what I wanted.(And I have a bright yellow hoodie for some cool weather walking!)
The feeling you get when you see your heart walking down the street.
Hope everyone had a good Halloween. So far I am doing well on not gorging myself on her candy :)

One final thought...what is the deal with this?  As I have mentioned before I am not into the pumpkin everything, but some of it makes sense. Pumpkin donut Laffy Taffy?? I don't get it.
For research sake, I swiped one from her candy stash and gave it a try. It wasn't as horrible as I imagined it would be, but it was not great either. Stick to the fruity flavors, please. The joke on the package was "What kind of car does a ghost drive? A Ockles.  I don't get it.


  1. Nice work on not gorging on the candy! I understand the temptation.

    LOVE the pictures, as always!

  2. I love y'alls trick or treating adventure! Great job with not over indulging!