Sunday, September 27, 2015

Celebrate and Have a Good Time

This year his parents offered to build shelves in my craft closet for our anniversary gift. Since that was clearly more for me I told him not to spend so much on me. He showed up at my work with pretty flowers and some candy.

Umm...did I say candy? I am sure you didn't read that right. Okay, I confess he got me yummy Dove chocolates. I have two choices: 1) Hurry up and eat them so they are gone or 2) Savor them slowly as part of a moderate/healthy diet.  Please don't read the lack of pictures of the candy as that I went with option one. I have eaten some, shared some and still have some. So maybe there were more than two options.

He took me to lunch at place we have been wanting to try. We discovered it this spring on a Pizza Prowl (fundraiser - you pay so much to go around and sample various restaurants pizza). They have a bunch of vintage arcade games.
I got destroyed in skee ball. My husband used the one on the right - notice the difference in the scoring! Sorry I didn't get our actual scores. The scores cleared immediately :(  Even without the difference scoring system he won.
We were both going to play Guitar Hero, but we didn't get all the money in fast enough and it started a one person game (too old too slow). Once I watched him play I decided it was probably for the best :)
Behold the awesome graphics of Tron. My husband kept saying he remembered it being "so much cooler."
There were some pretty sophisticated graphics too. I lasted about two seconds before I was sucked up into a ship - game over :(
And of course we had their pizza.
The evening of our anniversary was spent at the very romantic high school homecoming game. We were treated to a gorgeous sunset....and a victory!!

And to my surprise....
Snapchat from my husband during the game.
And now that I have gushed about how fabulous my husband is and the sweet things he did/got for me...

My husband has been working lots of overtime lately, so I decided to spoil him a little - with his money :)  So, you know where we went...the LEGO store. My husband has had his eye on this set since it came out last year.
I'd planned to get it for his birthday in November, but he definitely deserves a prize for putting up with my wackiness for 4 years, right? See
He was so excited to get started he got everything prepped before leaving for a visitation, so he could come back and get right to it.
And this little brick remover device also doubles as a snowboard, according to our niece and I, but my husband did not agree and we were banned from touching any more pieces :)

All in all it was a wonderful cap on the first 4 years :)  


  1. What a wonderful and fun anniversary celebration!!

  2. What a wonderful and fun anniversary celebration!!

  3. wow, lovely snaps. :) I agree with Lori fun celebration:)