Monday, September 14, 2015

Streaking - Weekend Edition

Weekends are a challenge. Not having to spend work related 8-9 hours, makes me think it should be easier to get in exercise time. However, on the weekends there are so many other things (many more fun) vying for my attention. I am out of my weekday routine when I know I have to just get up and walk before work. However, sleeping in just a little later makes me want to just get up and get to the "fun" stuff or do the housework before I lose my steam Before I know it the day gets away from me.

This weekend the challenge gave me the incentive I needed. My streak is still a baby, but this is how I am nurturing it.


Friday morning. I just I couldn't drag myself out of bed at 5 a.m., so I had to plan an alternate walk. Thankfully, some cooler weather has moved in and a lunchtime walk was an option. I grabbed my slightly chomped walking shoes and took them with me to work.

It rained some during the morning and about 11 a.m. it cleared up and I decided to head out. However, about 15 minutes from the office, I noticed the wind picking up and some dark clouds moving in. I really wanted to get in two miles, so I kept walking farther from the office to my originally planned turnaround point.

For the record I did manage to make it back before the rain....3 hours before the rain. Although it was dark and cloudy that whole time it didn't rain. When it finally did, it really came down for about 10 minutes and then was gone.

Sidebar: I can't even begin to explain how much trouble I am having in the selfie department or why I am even posting the crazy ones like this one.  I wanted a picture that showed the rain clouds moving in and the cemetery and, of course, me. Between odd angles, squinty eyes and screen reflection this is the best I got. I seriously need to find a selfie clinic for bloggers. Or the rest of you have to quit posting such great ones!

I spent a brief part of my walk in the bike lane...hope that is not illegal. There there was no sidewalk for about a block. I really did love this cycler graphic.
 The last of the summer flowers are blooming. Love this hydrangea in the middle of changing colors.
Look carefully, there is a putting green to the right of this house (in front of the little shed). Maybe next summer when we redo our patio I will request my husband put one in for me. Wait, I don't golf, but I should have one anyway, right?
The cooler weather was not the only sign of fall. I don't want to rush us through fall, but I do love the changing leaves. I can't imagine living somewhere where the leaves never turned.
I am going to have to Google this. I know nothing about electric bikes...does that mean no pedaling? Is it like a motorcycle? If so, it doesn't sound like something I need - I need the exercise.


I made it a priority to get in the morning walk before a busy day. The main event was a co-worker's wedding. It has been absolutely, wonderful seeing him finally find the life he has wanted for so long and it was joyful to be a part of his wedding day :)

After several days of walking in the dark, it was good to see my neighborhood again! One big difference about walking around 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning is that you smell people cooking their breakfast. It isn't easy passing a house with the bacon-y deliciousness radiating from it!!
Fall yard decorations are starting to appear.
Pine cones are piling up under the pine trees on my route.
I know this is completely random, but I loved the color of this blue reflector picking up the sun.
Several weekends during year these signs pop up around the neighborhood. The Kiwanis have a trailer in a local store parking lot where they sell BBQ. I haven't tried it yet. I keep telling myself one of these days.
I continue my quest for interesting pavement markings. I am guessing this one is referring to the hole to the left of the circle. But again, I don't know what it means. Is there some sort of Universal Pavement Markings 101 class I can take?
Work continues on this house. Originally, they were planning to build a concrete porch on the front. I was disappointed to hear they are now thinking of doing a deck instead. For me, decks belong on the back. Hopefully, they will prove me wrong.

Another busy day on Sunday. In addition, to the opening Sunday of NFL football and my husband's glee at having NFL Sunday Ticket, we were celebrating my niece's 21st birthday. The day started with a birthday breakfast/brunch. I was in charge of the cake. My niece had sent me a couple of recipe "hints" on Facebook and I decided on this chocolate peanut butter cheesecake extravaganza. Before you all yell at me too much - I had one piece and did not allow any leftovers to come home with me.

Knowing there would be cheesecake (and honestly, other goodies throughout the day - I won't torture you), I had to get my walk in. I had planned to add an extra mile, but ran out of time. This is what I miss during those 5 a.m. walks. I love the first rays of morning sun.

The sun was so bright that it wasn't until I turned the corner I noticed a pack of dogs headed towards us. Okay, it wasn't really a pack. There was a guy walking at black German Shepherd type dog and a woman about 10 feet behind him with her two fluffy Maltese type dogs. Of course, Millie started crying because she wanted to play, but there owners had other plans and kept walking the other direction. She spent the next couple of blocks with her nose to the pavement collecting all their information.
I think someone must have driven across some new asphalt and made these wacky patterns on the road. I don't quite understand how they did it though.
A giant tree-trimming bucket truck has been parked in the neighborhood lately. I am hoping there is more than this block holding that truck at the top of the hill.
After our walk, I tried some selfies with Millie.  And yes, that is a hoodie you see - it was 43 glorious degrees...perfect walking weather.

So that is how I streak on the weekends. On the other hand, eating has NOT been good. But in the spirit of positivity, I am choosing to focus on the joy this exercise challenge is bringing me. I am definitely enjoying my walks and I am hoping you are still enjoying my reports.

Incidentally, does Twister count as exercise?  

JD Hancock - Four Storms and a Twister
If you want to see more Stormtrooper craziness, check out JD Hancock's Stormtroopers on Flickr


  1. Exercise is a huge part of the puzzle. Now to focus on food :)

    Way to keep the streak alive! I love your chart!

    1. Food is next step at a time :)

  2. You are doing great! Love that you're choosing to focus on the positive :)

    I love the Stormtrooper photos. They're great!

    1. The Stormtroopers have always been my favorite...they are so misundersood :)

  3. Keep up the good work! Loving all of the fun pictures. :)

  4. Awesome job on your weekend streaking! I love all of your pictures. I never think to take any until after the fact.

    1. I have been known to backtrack because I get a photo I didn't take out of my head. It is an obsession :)