Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Little Less Happy

I am without a doubt a morning person. My most productive time around the house is in the morning before work. I get up with my husband and when he leaves for work I scurry around and do what needs to be done. Then I look over at the couch and see this. What a lazy puppy!
 Sometimes she just has to stare at the floor for entertainment. If only I could get that dog to get a job!
I stopped in Michael's the other day on my lunch hour. It looks like mini desserts are the party trend for the season. They had mini bowls, cups, plates....
...and forks.  You name it and they had mini-ed it. I admit I found the mini forks quite adorable. I suppose the mini craze could be good for us who need a little extra help with portion control. However, that might just open the door to sample several mini desserts. They say the first couple bites are the best...
Several days this week I ended up doing indoor marching, so it felt especially good to get out for a walk at lunch time yesterday. The final leaves are still stubbornly clinging to the branches on the barest of trees.
Then other trees seem to still be in full splendor.
I am so intrigued by the different ways leaves change color. All at once, around the edges, straight to brown or like this half and half color change.
The street was a crazy mess of paintings and flags. I can't even begin to fathom the project, but hopefully they know what they are doing - the flags are labeled "buried gas line".
 With the leaves off the trees I noticed a few houses I hadn't really noticed before.
 I seriously want to see inside this house. That much character.
I couldn't help think ahead a little to the Christmas season when I saw this holly tree with it lovely little red berries.
Last night we spent the evening with my inlaws. We had hoped to have a bonfire, but the winds changed our plans. We spent the evening playing games instead.
It was getting late and we almost lost my niece and Zommie. By the way, Zommie is "not" on the couch - Grandma doesn't let dogs on the couch ;)
The farm is a little different lately. First they lost Arry and then last week they lost their old Lab, Happy. That is really just too much for one month. My inlaws got Happy as a 5 week old puppy one December (his mother had died.) He was the first of the "farm" dogs that made the cross over to "house" dog (at least at night, or when it was cold, or when it was hot....)  Happy was a sweet old guy that just wanted to spend every minute with you.

Happy helped Millie get in touch with her inner Lab. He introduced her to a love of water and sticks.
Happy, you lived up to your name. R.I.P.


  1. If I can get myself moving, mornings are my productive time. I struggle with getting started. (Actually if I can get myself up and out for a run, the time between my run and leaving for work I am supercharged!)

    I love the first pic of your dog.....just slouched and so relaxed on the couch!

    1. I love that super charged feeling! She sits like that all the always makes me smile.

  2. I am so sorry for the loss of Happy, what a beautiful dog!

  3. I love that first picture of Millie. I can just see her sitting there watching you scurry around thinking...."Oh she goes again" :) Beautiful house pictures too!! RIP Happy!

    1. Yeah, she is probably thinking...I hope she doesn't ask me to do anything :)

  4. Aww, I'm so so sorry about Happy! Your poor in-laws to have lost 2 dogs so close together. :( I love your walk adventure pics.

    1. I couldn't believe it happened like that :(

  5. Poor guy :( He looks like he was well loved and cared for in life though.

  6. I'm sorry for the loss of Happy. I'm glad he was able to pass on some lab wisdom :) Sticks are important.