Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February Warm Up

I want to start with a quick follow up to last week's grilled veg fest. I have discovered my current favorite breakfast. Not only is it delicious - it is fast, healthy, pretty and most importantly, it kept me satisfied until lunch (not bad for 250 calories). I seriously was not thinking about lunch by 10:30a, as I often am. I simply took a wrap, piled on a layer of fresh baby spinach and topped with three of the egg muffins (reheated).
It was delicious and I felt very positive about what I was eating. Sadly a cold front comes in today so I will not be making a new mass of grilled veggies for a bit.
I had my quinoa/veggie salad for lunch a couple days. I didn't really care for the dressing I used on it the first day. The quinoa and veggies were so good that the next day I just ate them without dressing with a side of the grilled chicken. Another definite do again.
This weekend with the state wrestling tournament. I am so proud of my nephew and how hard he worked this season. Unfortunately, he met up with 15 other guys who also had worked hard and had great seasons. He won his first match before being beaten by the guy who eventually who second.

I found a way to watch online :)
You can't see it, but my nephew is on top and the first guy is pinned!! Those refs do an amazing job getting up and down off the floor. This guy reminds me a bit of a seal sunning himself.
His final match was against the 6th ranked kid in the state - they have wrestled several times with mixed results. This day the other guy barely beat my nephew 4-3.
Saturday was am unseasonable 70 degrees. I spent some time in the afternoon cleaning up my poor neglected garden.
It looks much better and I am dreaming of what I am going to plant. Don't be alarmed despite the warm weather I know winter is far from over and I won't be planting anything anytime soon. Incidentally it was a good workout!
Of course, there had to be more grilling. I grilled a few pork steaks and some veggies (and a couple hotdogs for my hotdog lovin' father-in-law) to take out to the farm.
Millie was super excited to visit her friend Buddy. He gets bigger every time I see him. It won't be long before he is bigger than Millie. He is only 7 months (poor guy is getting neutered today).

My husband played frisbee with them. I had to laugh at his attempt to get them both to sit before throwing the frisbee. As you can see my dog is the "good one".
 Until she is not.  I think my poor husband me his matches :)
After dinner we played a few games. I am not good at this balancing game and was out pretty quickly.
 So serious.
 My niece spent Saturday night and most of Sunday with us. Which means there was the Great Puzzle Off of 2016. We have done a couple of these competitions. I bought her two 1000 piece puzzles for Christmas with the promise of a puzzle off. We puzzled until about 1 a.m.
 And right back to it the next day (after breakfast, at least).
She is now officially the three-time champion. This competition could not have been much closer.  I think the last time I had about 100 pieces left.  This time she only beat me by 7 pieces (and about 45 seconds).  Maybe next time...  By the way the puzzle on the left is pictures of chapstick. If you look closely, you will see spam, pickle and bacon flavored chapsticks....gross!
Ever since the end of the Jedi 100 day streak I have been fighting foot pain and haven't been walking. I finally found a pair of shoes that feel good. I took them out for a lunch time walk yesterday. It felt great to be out walking and I happy to report my feet feel pretty good this morning. I would love to think I have turned a corner and can get back to regular walking. 

 I promise I did not check to see if there were any candies left in this bag on the ground :)
 This little bee always makes me smile.
I know some of you are cringing at this picture right now. I did not attempt to fix it, but I can guarantee if I had been the one replacing the manhole cover the stripes would have lined up.
 There is something a little unsettling about this tree...where is its bark??
 Looks like someone got a new fence or new stain at least. I couldn't decide if I liked it or not.
 I think someone does not like mowing hillsides.
This sign made my happy walking heart a little sad. Apparently, they lost two daughters at the same time at the age of 19.  I Googled the girls when I got back to work. They were twin sisters - one twin and her boyfriend were visiting the other twin at college across the state. The driver lost control of her car, went in the other lane and was hit by oncoming traffic. The twins were killed immediately. The boyfriend lived for awhile. When he died his heart was donated to another woman. Such a tragic story.
I love the brick streets in my work neighborhood. Although this intersection makes me a bit dizzy
Sometimes I could use a good dose of the tenacity moss seems to have. It can make any location work.
It was so good to be out walking. I wish I didn't have so many errands to do at lunch today. I would love to be out there walking again.

Wishing you all a great week!

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  1. I love moss....the last picture of the moss just made me smile!!!

    With the nice weather it is HARD to not start thinking about gardening and other outdoor activity!!!!!! Sounds like you have the beds cleaned up and ready for spring and the glorious day when you can plant!!!!

    The puzzle off sounds like sooo much fun!!!