Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Week One Challenge Report and a Weigh-In

And so ends week one of my first challenge. I knew it was going to be tough since I was super busy at the beginning with the bridal shower. The temptation of all the treats was going to make the week extra challenging.  I had mixed success.  Though I did indulge in some treats there was no candy consumed by me!!  Don't ask about cookies and such though :)

Stay Away from Tricks and Treats October Challenge Report - Week One

1.  No candy!  Doing great. Yesterday my boss brought me a piece of candy and I said "no thank you."  I told him I had agreed to a no candy for October :)  He might have though I was a bit nuts.
2.  Weekly weigh-in only - I was so eager to weigh-in today woke up several times during the night thinking about it.
3.  Walk 60 miles - I am a bit behind schedule already, but I know I can still make it.  Current total - 8.33 miles.
4.  Track on MyFitnessPal every day - Not good on this one - not good at all  Hoping this week with my routine back on track I will do better. 

5.  Millie training sessions - only got in one of three :(  She did pretty well considering I haven't worked with her as much as I should have.  This is her turning her "down/stay" into an army crawl... crazy pup.

6.  Menu planning - I let this one go last week because I was so busy and didn't have time to sit down and figure out the menu and shop. This week will be better.
7. 15 Minute Daily House Dash -  I did it 5 or the 7 days.  Not bad. Most importantly, I know this really helped my sanity this week. I truly believe the state of one's home directly affects their emotional health.
8.  Meet up with my blogging "neighbor" One Crazy Penguin - So wish I could have seen her half-ironman on Sunday. We haven't set a date yet, but I think we have agreed to take our goofy pups walking. I better get busy on #5!!

So all the above added up to a 1.8 loss this week. I was hoping to finally get back to my low of a couple of weeks ago, but I came close. Given the challenges of the week I am definitely happy to be reporting this loss. 

I forgot to mention on my shower recap post that I got several nice compliments on how good I looked...people are finally noticing that I have lost weight :)  That seriously made me happy.

I had to walk to our main office this morning (about 2 blocks).  Some of you have been commenting about my great area to walk around work.  I thought I would share the other side - not quite as inviting :) Let me take you on the tour...

Out the door and across the parking lot...

Past all the official vehicles...

We share a parking lot with the sheriff's department and county jail.  Can be interesting at times...

We are headed to the building in the middle with the blue windows.  Just have to navigate the ginormous a/c units and the man lifts.

They are tuckpointing all the windows on the old courthouse building. Can't wait until all the scaffolding is down again.

A super quick walk through smokers' alley.  It seems pointless to have people stay 15 feet from the door while smoking if they are just going to stand/sit on the pathway to the door anyway.  I didn't have to hold my breath on the way in, but I did on the way out.

I am in the door and headed down the hallway.

And up the elevator to the 4th floor office.

Oh my goodness!!  Did I just post a picture of me riding in an elevator on a weight loss blog??  What was I thinking???  Could it be that the building doesn't have stairs?  Nope, there are definitely stairs, although I have never used them.  I hate the thought of arriving at the office sweating and huffing/puffing after 4 long flights of stairs.  But next time I will give them a try...

After our training session Millie and I practiced our selfie taking.  Clearly we have more work to do in that area too :)

Linking up this morning...Have a great day, everyone!

Weigh-in Wednesday 


  1. You're rocking it! A 1.8 pound loss is amazing. Also, I can't wait to meet your monster. She looks so freaking sweet! Also, perhaps a walk this Saturday?

    I need to get better about my meal planning. It is definitely less than great. Always things to work on!

    1. Thank you! She is sweet, but still so much puppy! I will talk to my husband about Saturday. I know we are going to the farmer's market in Edwardsville. I think he is going to want to pick your brain about triathlons :)

  2. oh my goodness i want to steal your dog! and 1.8lbs thats fantastic!

    1. On some days you wouldn't even have to steal her...I'd put her out on the porch to wait for you. Just kidding :) Thank you!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I was happy with it :)

  4. Congratulations on your loss! And I love the selfies. :)

    1. Thank you! For some reason Millie doesn't really like to have her picture taken so it is a challenge.

  5. No Candy – Yay! And way to go on turning down a piece. I can honestly say I would have had a hard time with this one.
    Weekly weigh in – I love this, I actually purchased my first scale last week so that I could weigh in. I’m not a fan of them but I can definitely see why some people like to weigh themselves. I’ve decided to weigh myself Tuesday mornings, and let me tell you, first thing Tuesday morning I was on that scale.
    Great job on the walking, 8.33 miles is still good.
    Oh the joys of tracking, we can both work on this one together.
    Training sessions, I like this idea and may need to join you in the 3 training sessions a week. Last Sunday we did a fun tracing class, we even progressed to her finding someone other than me. Yay! Other than that though, we only did our walking. I’ll need to work on this.
    15 minute daily house dash. I really love this one, and for the most part I’ve been good at it, somewhat. I do 10 minutes, and sometimes not even that, but its part of my bed time routine and it really does make life easier in the morning.
    Great job on the loss this week. And I completely agree about the 15 feet away from the door, in regards to the smokers, it really does suck as they do line up along the wall. Give the stairs a try, you shouldn't get too sweaty after 4 flights, and after a while you won’t be huffing/puffing when you get to the office.
    And I hate to say it, but I think you might be better at selfies than myself. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments...this challenge has definitely helped me stay focused. What kind of dog do you have?

  6. WOW great loss!!! You are rocking it! I loved seeing your pictorial of "the other side" of your walk! It looks very "interesting". I'd be huffing and puffing if I took the stairs too. You would think that all that walking would help with that! (I get huffy and puffy with 3 stories in my building!)

    1. Thank you! It seemed only fair that you see the "other side" too. Hope it makes you feel a little better about your walking zone. I will report on my stair climbing adventure...ummm...what it happens :)

  7. Way to stick to your no candy goal! That's awesome. That building is going to be so gorgeous once the scaffolding is down. What a nice place to work.

    1. Thank you! It gets tougher tomorrow because we got new candy for workshops...I've basically been avoiding picked over candy. Now the good stuff...

  8. Great job sticking to your goals! And great loss too :)