Saturday, February 21, 2015

Millie's Yearly Check Up

Millie had her yearly shots and check up today. She was pretty calm in the waiting room even though she wanted to play with everyone. This little pup was ridiculous. He "hid" under the chair and barked at the "big bad Rottweiler." Poor Millie was crying - she just wanted to play with someone!
With no other dogs in the waiting room she was forced to eavesdrop on the conversations behind the counter...
 But they soon bored her...
While we were waiting to be called back I found these on the bulletin board.  Maybe I should have moved the picture of the Weimaraners on the right, but how cute are they?  Anyway, the "before" picture is definitely referring to the guy on the left.

And here are his after pictures. Doesn't even look like the same dog! Less than half his size!  Looks like it took him awhile to lose it, but good things happen when you stick with it :)
Millie would be all over this booth. She loves eating sticks of every size and flavor!
Finally we made it back to the exam room. And there were all kinds of interesting smells and a trash can to check out. A buffet of odors :)
She hears them coming...
 She did very well.  Everyone thought she was a cutie and very sweet.
 They even took a moment to give her a quick belly rub...
Oops!  I guess we forgot to tell her about the blood draw and a couple shots. She did great! I couldn't believe how easy the vet made drawing blood look. It is always a much bigger challenge for me to get blood drawn and I don't even have fur covering my veins!!
So, a little irony for this Losing My Puppy weight loss blog of mine. Millie weighed in at 85 pounds today. The vet recommended that she lose about 8 pounds. What??!? We are pretty good about not feeding her extras. There was a little phase when we used peanut butter to keep her busy and distract her from eating shoes. But she ate the shoes anyway, so we had stopped the peanut butter. On a related note, before we left for the vet I had a bowl of cereal and had dropped one of my blueberries. Of course, Millie was there to grab it. She carried it around the house for awhile trying to figure out if it was edible. She spit it out, rolled it around, picked it back up. The dachshund took a turn. Finally, my husband took it away from her. So much for healthy eating!

I guess she is suffering from a bit of winter weight like the rest of us. Come on spring! One of her siblings (male) weighs 119 pounds and his vet said he needs to lose 9 pounds. Guess Millie can claim genetics for her chubbies :)

Maybe I will have to get her a Pinterest account so she can start a weight loss motivation board. The before/after pictures above would be a great pin! Do sticks count as healthy snacks?


  1. Aww, what a good girl Millie! I am surprised they said she needs to lose weight, Rotties are usually pretty big. I'm sure when the weather gets better she'll be able to get out more and drop pounds pretty quickly!

    1. To me she looks good, but when I feel (or don't feel) her ribs I thought he might say she is a tad heavy. When I get back to walking I am sure that will help her too.

  2. Aww what a good girl she was at the vet! What Mary said! I'm sure she will drop that when the weather warms up!

    1. I was pretty happy with her never know how they will act in public :)

  3. What a good girl at the vet!! Our pup (and by pup I mean old dog) will refuse to walk in the door - it's always a struggle! That's funny she has some pounds to lose! I'm sure once it's warm they will melt away!

    1. Our dachshund is almost 14 years old. She isn't too interested in the vet either - she becomes very stoic. Millie just assumes everyone is there waiting for her to arrive and to love her.