Friday, February 13, 2015

What Am I Doing?

Saw this on She's a Big Star yesterday. Thought it would be a fun Friday post. 

Making...these little treats for my husband for Valentine's day. I might use red grapes instead of tomatoes.

Drinking... water, always water.  I gave up Diet Coke two years ago. I still have an occasional sip of soda, but always regular so I have to account for the calories and don't let a bad habit return.

Reading... lots of blogs..current favorites include Finding the Skinny Geek WithinRunning Just As Fast As She CanOne Crazy Penguin and Runs to Get Waisted. There are so many great stories unfolding out there :) buy lots of underwear. Read an article in the paper that I can't stop thinking about. 

"When most good Samaritans reach into their wallets to help the needy, it’s usually for food, coats or shoes. One local woman, Nancy Taylor, becomes emotional when she thinks about a need that many others often don’t — underwear. To remedy that concern, she is working with the Community Hope Center in Cottage Hills to get people underwear who would otherwise not be able to afford it. She calls her new charity the Underwear Drawer.Taylor said Wednesday was the first day that she was able to give underwear to those in need and was moved to tears when recalling how happy the needy were to receive them.“It’s something new I created,” Taylor said. “There is a need for people to have underwear. People spend money on groceries and neglect underwear. So many children go to school with no underwear, and it makes me so upset." (True confession: I went to school many times without underwear - I was always scared someone would find out.) crazy pups to simmer down this morning. They have this play fight routine. The Rottweiler bites at the Dachshund's rear and the Dachshund says the most terrible things. 

A calmer moment.
Looking...forward to watching my nephew wrestle tonight in the sectional tournament. Good luck!!!

Playing...Crossy Road - takes me back to the Frogger days - I was never any good at it either. I am hooked on collecting all the characters. And that you can just play it for a few minutes at a time. I can relate to this character :)

Wishing... .we had a back door that leads into our fenced in back yard. Some mornings it is just too cold to stand outside and wait for our dogs do their business.

Enjoying...the house to myself. Every morning there is about an hour or so between when my husband leaves for work and when I have to leave. It is a nice time to blog, clean house, prep dinner, etc.

Missing...sweets.  I am almost half way through this month's challenge of no sweets. It has been particularly difficult the past few days with the inundation of Valentine goodies everywhere I look.
Waiting...for my fairy godmother to arrive.  

Wondering... if this will be the month I get pregnant

Loving... the whole blogging process and meeting so many great people around the country (and world). how my husband can be so diligent about diet and exercise. When he is in the zone there is no stopping him!

Needing.. .to spend some serious hours working on my "craft/junk" room. It looks like a super messy giant closet at the moment.

Noticing...weekends are too few and far between! Especially three day weekends. How are you celebrating Presidents Day? 

Worrying...that I will never get ahead at work. Just when I think my desk is getting unburied the next big thing is upon it. 

Feeling...loved.  Had a sweet evening with my honey last night.  Came home to the biggest bouquet of balloons (think Up), dinner out and a romantic screening of "Better Call Saul."

Now it's your turn... tell me one thing from the list above that you're 'currently' doing!

 Friendship Friday


  1. LOVE this! You're just the best! I'm glad your husband spoiled you so!

    Planning...Hubs and I are going to a fancy pants dance tomorrow night and staying over so I am planning what to pack for us and what to pack for the guys who will be spending the night with my in laws.

    I am also thinking super fertile thoughts for you! Go ovaries go! ;)

    1. Your cheer made me laugh :) Hope it works! Sounds like a fun night tomorrow - enjoy!!

  2. Love your list! :) Sounds like you were rightfully spoiled last night... sounds perfect!

    1. Thank you for the idea! It was fun to do and I bit more challenging than I expected at first.

  3. Aww, your hubby is so sweet!

    I'm actually out of town for Valentine's Day at a triathlon training camp, so no Valentine's Day stuff for us. We did go get our wedding rings last night though! Life's little things :)

    And I'm with Meggers....go ovaries go!

    1. Hurray for wedding rings!! You will be a married lady before you know it. Thanks for joining the cheering section :)

  4. Aww love this list! Sending positive ovary vibes to you!

    I am LOVING Better Call Saul too!

    Currently I am waiting on food! A super sweet co-worker bought lunch for all of the ladies in our section! So very sweet of him but womp womp... he is buying us burgers. A free meal so I can't complain too much. I'll just work extra hard and tennis tomorrow to burn these calories off!

    1. Thanks - hope they are listening! We are very happy with the start BCS is off to and can't wait to see how it develops. Enjoy your free burger and I know you are going to give that tennis what for tomorrow!

  5. Better Call Saul has been awesome, and I'm developing a very unwilling crush on Bob Odenkirk. It's not that he's super cute, but I like smart dudes. I love the layout of your post, this was awesome!!

    1. Is this your officially calling dibs on Bob? Currently, I am feeling a big sorry for him...I thought the intro in Nebraska was super depressing. Can't wait to see Mike break out of his parking booth...he was one of our favs on BB.

  6. Those snacks are SO freakin' cute! And my son loves crossy road. I won't touch it, just in case I like it too.