Friday, April 3, 2015

5 on Friday - Bring on Spring

I always say fall is my favorite season. The wonderful cool respite from the steamy humidity of summer. On mornings like this, I change my mind.  I see the colorful awakening after a long dreary winter and decide spring is my favorite season. I am seasonally fickle :)

For today's 5 for Friday I am sharing 5 signs of spring I found in my yard just this morning.

1. Puddles. We slept with the window open last night. We were lulled to sleep by the rain and slowly awakening to the sounds of even more rain. Thankful no damaging winds with this rain.

2. Redbuds.  Love, love, love the red bud tree. When I bought my house, one of the first orders of business was to dig two little redbud trees from my mom's yard and plant them in my yard. Eight years later one stands tall 15-20 feet tall. The other had to be removed when we replaced our shed - I almost cried. The little pinkish/purple flowers that cover the branches always make me smile.

3. Herb Sprouts. Some of the herbs in my garden grow back from year to year. I love not having to buy new ones. This year my oregano (picture) and thyme survived and are sprouting anew.

4. Dandelions.  I know they are the bane of many's existence. But I love them dotting the lawn. This little guy has crept into the driveway.

5. Robins. The robins are busy catching all the early spring worms. I think this particular bird may have a story to tell. I didn't even notice until I was downloading the pictures, this guy doesn't have a tail!

It makes me happy to step outside with camera in hand and find all these little spring treasures. It may be trite, but spring truly brings new hope and promise. I am excited about all the fresh fruits and vegetables we will soon be enjoying. I am excited about the outdoor adventures we will have making getting fit more fun.

Not really part of 5 for Friday, but I can't resist sharing my silly puppy's antics.  Last night I was attempting to make the bed and she refused to get off it. Removing a stubborn 80 pound Rottweiler is not as easy as it sounds. So I just made the bed......

Happy Spring!!! What signs are you seeing in your world?

Sincerely, Paula


  1. What a sillie puppy! And thank goodness spring is finally coming. I love falling asleep to the rain and not having to wear a winter coat :)

  2. Oh silly girl! Love your spring pics! The rain can be so refreshing too!

  3. That redbud tree looks beautiful!!!

  4. Yay for spring pictures! And I love falling asleep to the sound of rain.