Monday, April 27, 2015

Me Day and Challenge Update

Work has been crazy the last couple of months. With everything going on personally I have been desperate to have a little break from the pressures work. Finally, Friday I was able to take a day off...a "me day."

At the top of my list was a 30 Day Ironman "catch up." I decided I would do something from each of the three disciplines - swim, bike and walk.

5:21 a.m.  - 2.66 mile walk (47:37)  I met my niece about a 3/4 of a mile in and then walked a little over a mile with her. Spending time with her always makes me glad I hauled myself out of bed before the crack of dawn. Yep, even on a day off :)

7:49 a.m. - 1/2 mile swim (44:30) I went into this swim not knowing how far I was going to make it. I was going for more than a 1/4 mile. In the back of my mind I was dreaming of a 1/2 mile (20 laps!) I knew there were water exercise classes in the pool on weekday mornings. I wanted to be sure to be in and out before the classes. Turns out there were quite a few other people with the same plan. Two lap lanes were set up and both were occupied. So I got started on the outside of the lap lanes. I took a peek at my Garmin at 1/4 mile and it was 21:30 - even faster than my last swim. That gave me a little extra incentive to keep chugging along. Though it was a challenge I made it 20 laps. I was so proud of myself.

I found this sign a little amusing. Why have a lap lane if everyone has to stay out? I assuming they mean unless you are swimming laps. Therefore, it doesn't apply to me because I am a lap swimmer :)
 Flamingo Towel #3

11:20 a.m.- 10.1 mile bike ride (1:04:36) I started this ride with the goal of making it to 10 miles. As you know by now, I have been struggling with the bike. My goal was to get a good chunk knocked out no matter what it took.  Apparently it took a quite a bit - here I am at the end.

Who would have thought a "me day" would include over 2 1/2 hours of exercise??? After the bike ride I met my husband for lunch. I might have used up a few too many of the calories I burned with some cheese fries :(

After lunch, I decided to go to the nursery and get a few more of the plants I need for my garden. I like this particular nursery because it sells all kinds of tomato varieties. The best part is that they sell them in 2 packs for 84 cents. I can get several varieties for a very reasonable price.

This year I bought 4 of the Sun Gold tomato plants - we love this sweet little cherry tomato. They are definitely the "candy of the garden." They are fantastic in our homemade pico de gallo! I also bought a couple tomatillo plants. Although I am planting cilantro and dill from seed I bought a couple of plants to give us some immediate gratification. I always get a few marigolds to plant with the tomatoes to keep away aphids.

Other than marigolds, I don't usually buy annual flowers. However, Mary at Runs to Get Waisted reminded me recently how adorable Snapdragons are, so I picked up a couple for fun.
I am hoping to get the rest of my garden planted this week. We have had a couple of surprisingly cold nights. Not enough to frost what I have already planted, but the cold has kept them from really growing much.

"Me Day" ended with a night of Junior High theater. My niece was in a school production of Shrek the Musical. It was a cute show and the cast did a great job!

By the end of the day I was completely exhausted, but proud of myself. Such a good feeling :)

30 Day Ironman Challenge Update

After my "catch up" day I am feeling pretty good about my progress.

Swim - 1 mile (42 % complete) - Now that I know I can swim a 1/2 mile in one session, I only have to swim three more times in the next two weeks. I might break it down into four sessions because I am actually enjoying the swimming.

Bike - 38.3 miles (34% complete) - Here is the greatest challenge. This week I am going to do my best to get in 6-8 mile bike rides after work.

Walk - 13.49 miles (51% complete) - This won't take much to finish. I have a race scheduled for May 9 and I am planning to save my last 3 miles for that race. I thought that would make it a little more exciting of an ending :)

I have two weeks left to finish. Although I am going to have to keep my nose to the grindstone, I am feeling confident that I can do it.

What is on your workout agenda this week?


  1. Get it, lady! You've got this!

    I love your Me Day. A day that focuses on fitness and cheese fries sounds like the perfect dya to me.

    1. I didn't mean to focus on cheese fries...honest.

  2. I just love this and reading about your progress!

  3. You've totally got this! I am so proud of you :)

  4. Wow - 2 1/2 hours of exercise on your "me day." That is an accomplishment!

  5. I'm looking forward to planting things! Bring on Spring! I'm envious you got to pick out plants!

    1. I can't wait to get the rest of the garden planted...hopefully this weekend.

  6. You are doing so awesome!! I love reading your updates!!

  7. Oh yay for snapdragons! Mine are so pretty right now, and they just keep blooming and blooming! And Sungold tomatoes are the way to go, those things are like crack!

    1. I can't wait to see the snapdragon colors - they are from a variety pack. Sungold tomatoes are the Alan Rickman of the garden...sigh.