Thursday, April 23, 2015

What a Course!

Okay, I am not going lie, this 30 Day Ironman is challenging me on several levels. The level I am currently trying to work through is balancing my life with the 30 Day Ironman challenge. When I first come home from work has always been a difficult time for me to focus on working out. I want to relax, I need to make dinner...and a million other things. I have been proud of the times I have come home and "forced" myself to get in a workout, but I don't want to feel guilty, angry, sad about the times that I don't.

I am challenged by my challenge. Today I came home from work. I knew I needed to get in one of my challenge workouts. If you miss days it just puts more pressure on the following days. My husband was already home and I was debating what to do. He was listening to my debate - poor guy there is a fine line between being encouraging and kicking me in the hiney. There was a gusty wind and I just couldn't face riding my bike in it. I considered going to the gym and riding the stationary bike then take a swim. The more I thought about the more I didn't want to do anything and the worse I felt about not doing anything.

The last couple of days an emotional firestorm has been building. I have been super busy at work. In fact, I have been too busy to even try to take a few days off so I can restart my MS medicine. I take the shots at night because one of the side affects is flu like symptoms. The strategy is to try to sleep through as much as possible. Generally, those side affects are worse when you first start taking the medicine. I need to know that I can take time off when I need it. Now that some of my big work events are wrapping up the plan is to restart my meds the middle of next week. I have not missed those shots at all and I am dreading starting again. In the back of my mind I know I wouldn't be starting them again now if I were pregnant and it is breaking my heart all over again. I don't want to be that bitter sad woman who can't see a baby without losing it...but there are moments.

My husband finally put an end to my workout debate and escalating emotional situation by suggesting I skip the workout. Instead, he would take me to play frisbee golf at the park I featured on Take a Walk In the Park Day. I was eager to try the new course. It was crazy - woods, creek, hills, mud. Talk about hazards!

I can't help but wonder if they are going to be able to maintain this course all summer long. This is just some of what is already growing.Those thistles could get nasty.
 We only lost one frisbee to the creek.
 It took a little patience, but my husband was able to fish it out :)
 Random shoes tied to a little tree. I promise this picture is not staged...they are not mine.
This basket is surrounded on three sides by the creek. I let my husband throw. I didn't want to be responsible for another frisbee fishing expedition.
They had very poor creek crossings. Crossing were made of logs, rocks and/or culverts. Again, thankfully I had my trusty husband to help steady me so I could cross (and get a picture while doing it!)
 I confess, we skipped three of the eighteen holes. This one was skipped - basket is in the upper left corner of the picture. I felt a bit like a mountain goat at times.
Finally out of the woods. I wish you could see the hills better in this picture. We are pretty near the top of the hills where kids sled in the winter.
 I still don't know exactly why this basket is on a mound.
Loved this sweet little violet patch.
This is what my husband looks like when he can't believe I am taking yet another picture. This one is meant to look like I am about to throw but it is completely staged. I am not left handed. Wait, maybe I should try that - it can't be much worse than my right handed throws.

Remember when I made the exact same dinner two nights in a row because I forgot to take pictures. My poor husband is going to have to endure this course again. I realized about halfway through that wearing my Garmin would have been super interesting. We were constantly zigzagging and changing elevation. I would love to see what that looked like on a Garmin report. I won't make him do it again tomorrow, but there will be a mulligan. 

I think I am more tired from the frisbee golf than I would have been after doing a workout. The terrain made it feel like a hike. The whole purpose of losing weight and getting healthy is to be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle with those I love. I think I needed this reminder and I thank my husband for suggesting it. Now tomorrow he might have to shove my hiney out the door  to get a good bike ride in!

I know this is "my husband is so sweet" overload, but I have to include his sweet gesture earlier in the day. He surprised me by coming to my work and taking me to lunch to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day because I am the one that makes our household run. How sweet is that?  Now, time to go pick up his clothes and do the laundry :)  Love that guy!


  1. Awww what a great audible! And looks like you did get a good workout in too! I have to try Frisbee golf one day! That looks like fun! Great job to your hubby and his wonderful encouragement! (Oh and Chris has that exact same neon yellow sweatshirt that your hubby has!)

    1. It definitely worked out well! I am the worse frisbee tosser ever though :) I like that I can always spot him in that jacket.

  2. Ha, love that you have to take a mulligan since you forgot to wear your Garmin. Fun pictures! Glad you got out and did something active even though you weren't quite feeling it.

    1. I wonder how long it will be before I can talk him into it again. It is hard to work out together due to our different levels, so it was great to do something together and still be active.

  3. Aww, what a good guy! And I'm a big proponent of do what moves you. If you love running, do that! If you love tennis, do that! And if you love Frisbee golf, then do that! Movement should be enjoyed, not dreaded :)

    1. If you don't enjoy it you won't stick with it. I am going to keep trying things until I find my love :)

  4. I played disc golf yesterday! I suck so badly at it. It takes me 3-4 throws to get where my friends throw one time. But I've sunk a couple of 50- or 100-yard putts! The point is it's fun I guess, and you do a lot of hiking, especially when the disc gets lost in a creek or falls down in a hole or in a bunch of trees!

  5. I totally stink. We scrambled so that means we pretty much played all my husband's shots :)