Friday, April 8, 2016

Catch Up - 3rd and Final

I think this post will bring us up to more missing blogging for a week or so for me :)

Dreaming of good things growing in the garden. My mom picked up a few seeds when she was in California. I've grown yellow beans before and the purple are fun, but they do turn green when cooked. I will have to come up with a pretty raw bean dish to showcase the rainbow effect. 
I have been frustrated by off and on weather, but I finally planted a few cold weather veggies - radishes, spinach, swiss chard, lettuce. The reminds me they have sprouted (sorry no pic this time) and I need to cover them tonight cause we are supposed to have a hard freeze :(
 My sister-in-law sent some herb cuttings from California. I got them to root in water.
Then I planted them in a pot.  Plan is to sink the pot into the herb bed. I think these might be super spreader herbs and I don't want them to take over, so the pot should stop the roots.
And then I killed them :(  I am still babying them hoping they are only "mostly dead".
My husband and I tried out a new restaurant. It is a tiny little Cuban cafe. I got the marinated steak sandwich. My husband actually got an Italian inspired sandwich. We ended up splitting each sandwich to share - I love that. The "fritas" are shredded potato fried and topped with a little garlic vinaigrette.
While we were waiting for our food they handed out samples of their sweet Cuban coffee. Neither of us our coffee drinkers but we tried it anyway - free sample, right?  Turns out we both liked it. Not enough to become coffee drinkers, but we were pleasantly surprised.
We finished off the meal by sharing the creamiest slice of flan. We will definitely go back. We already decided on our next two sandwiches. I won't be surprised if my husband suggests we go this weekend.
I bought a couple herbs that are waiting to go into the garden. While they sit on the counter they are fair game.
 I stole some springs for a chicken marinade.
 One of my favorite ways to marinade is to toss everything into a Ziploc bag.
 A couple times during the marinade time I mush around everything in the bag without having to open the bag or get my hands dirty.
I have been spending quite a bit of time in the former craft room. I have several sewing projects I am trying to finish up. I, also, found these toys that my oldest niece used to play with eons ago when I lived in a tiny apartment.
The sewing has been productive. I finally finished this quilt top that I have beeen "working on" for about 5 years. It is huge - 107 by 109 inches! Now I just have to figure out the backing.
I finally finished these pillows that I started making about a year and a half ago. The bird fabric matches her curtains.  All three pillows are backed with the black fabric. The hold up on these was braving putting in zippers. My zipper foot broke and it took forever for me to replace it. Then I was just scared to mess them up and didn't try. The zippers aren't the prettiest, but they work and the pillows are now in use. My niece reports they are very comfortable :)
I have sewn up several baby blankets. I have two more half done and a box of fabric to go.  I have a problem with flannel. When there is a sale I just can't help myself.
I noticed Desiree at Finding the Skinny Geek Within uses these containers for her food prep. I ordered a package of 10 here. They are my latest toy and I have fun packing them up with yummy lunches.
 Little things like packing a lunch inspires me to take my shoes to walk at work too :)
My husband has been working long days, so I have packed him lunches too...he is on a bit of a PB&J kick.  The other day he sent me this Snapchat - made me smile.
The dogs continue to be lazy slugs....

And of course there is plenty of goofiness going on...thank you Snapchat :)

From when we were removing the tree stump.
Too many crazy features. My husband and niece seem to compete for the craziest. My husband working out at his computer. For the record, that is a face morphing feature - he is not that oddly shaped :)
 My niece is constantly snapping pictures of us, morphing and decorating them and sending them back to us.
 Last Sunday, my husband took our niece and nephew to the movies. I got to stay home and sew :)
 No one is safe from the Snapchatters.
Thank you for indulging my massive catch up.

What is on your weekend agenda?


  1. The snap chat posts crack me up. I guess I need to get in on that at some point! Glad you love the containers! They have been wonderful for us!

    1. My goofy people are obsessed with Snapchatting...I have plenty more pics I am not authorized to share :)

  2. So, I just caught up on the last month of posts--I've missed reading your blog! Your posts always make me want to invite myself over for dinner and random fun ;)

    1. Aww thanks - I would love for you to join us :)

  3. I cannot wait to suffer even more severe garden envy this summer!

    1. I will do my best to make it enviable :)

  4. I didn't think about the fact that you lose the pretty colors of the green beans when cooked. That stinks. Can't wait to see what you come up with for them!