Thursday, April 7, 2016

Catch Up - Part 2 Easter Edition

I know it is a little late for Easter recap, but then again who can resist bunnies, cute goodies and delicious springtime foods?

My mother-in-law always has the cutest little things on the table for holidays. Bunny Band :)
Of course, there was egg dyeing.
My husband had his very first baby-wearing experience. Cutest little great niece ever. And cutest husband :)
I don't think he was ever truly comfortable letting go of her. I think I would be nervous too...I never "worn" a baby either.
I found a cute idea on Two Sisters Crafting. Start with mini pretzels, top with a candy melt and put in the oven until the melts soften.
Then M&M's are arranged using the candy melt as glue.
Ta-Da!  Cute little spring flowers.
For more detailed instructions and prettier pictures check out Flower Pretzel Bites at Two Sisters Crafting

Our traditional Puffed Wheat Bunny Cake for Easter breakfast. Butter, corn syrup, sugar make a "glue" that hold together the puffed wheat in its molded bunny shape. We have been making this bunny as long as I can remember.
I love traditions, but you know I love trying new recipes. Easter was no exception. They say you should make your tried and true recipes for parties or company, but that is just not how I roll. Give me some company and I am going to experiment.

I saw this recipe on Two Peas and Their Pod. I do like carrot cake, but cookies are my favorite sweets to bake. I was instantly drawn to this recipe...did someone say cream cheese glaze?

Carrots make anything healthy, right?
The cookies were a hit. Sadly, since I divided the batch between two different parties, I didn't get to bring home any leftovers.
The spring feast featured in the March issue of Cooking Light magazine immediately inspired my Easter plans. I made the next two recipes for Easter dinner.

Since Mary turned me on to tarragon I have been a bit obsessed.
The recipe called for asparagus, snap peas and frozen shelled peas - a green extravaganza!
Each veggie was blanched in boiling water for two minutes which made them crisp tender and brightened their green color.
The tarragon vinaigrette was super simple. The only issue I had was I ended up using dried tarragon because the fresh tarragon I had purchased did not have good flavor (frankly, it tasted like bitter grass.) The dried worked fine, but I would have rather had fresh. The vinaigrette was made with shallots and a little bacon drippings, then tossed with the veggies and crisp bacon right before serving.
I loved this dish as leftovers also. Even though the bacon didn't stay crisp in the fridge, the flavor was excellent.

And now the pièce de résistance... 

I very much enjoy fish, but my husband is not a fan. When I saw this salmon recipe I knew I had to make it for Easter - there would be plenty of people who would enjoy it. I was also attracted to this recipe because it could be served at room temperature making it perfect to take to a buffet style dinner.  I bought a 3 pound filet at Sam's for about $5 a pound. I didn't think that was a bad price and considering I had most of the ingredients on hand already overall it was a relatively inexpensive dish.
The other expenditure was Grey Poupon. I debated buying an off brand, but I kept hearing in my head "pardon you have any Grey Poupon? " - an advertising success story :)  I did, however, resist the suggestion to drive up to people, say "pardon me..." and speed away.
Salmon on parchment paper ready for action.
Sauce ingredients are smeared all over the top of the filet. It smelled so good. 
Topped with lemon slices and thyme (there are thyme sprigs under the filet also).
Roasted for about 25 minutes. I could not wait to get it in my mouth. It was everything I hoped it would be.
It was good hot, room temperature, even cold....and in lunch a day or two later.

I would LOVE to have leftovers like this every day.
I am happy to report that these new recipes are all keepers. After the crockpot chicken debacle, I was afraid I had lost my recipe choosing mojo. Time to wrap up...I  think I have what I need to make a smaller batch of the veggies....

Tomorrow should be my final catch up post and then I will try to be more current :)


  1. I was sighing over that asparagus and pea dish. Two of my favorite things that I can't have right now, but maybe I can make them for my challenge phase! That salmon looks wonderful. THAT I can have, glad to hear that it came out well!

    1. I hope peas and asparagus can come back to your life. You definitely need to make the salmon - so good.

  2. I made the same pretzel flowers. They were a huge hit!

    1. As soon as I saw them I knew we had to make them :)

  3. YUM! I am going to try that salmon for a dinner party since my husband also won't eat it.

    1. It is a great company dish - you don't have to babysit it while it cooks and it comes out looking very impressive (and delicious).