Monday, April 18, 2016

Half a Weekend

That was a crazy busy weekend, but yet oddly relaxing.

Friday night we started our weekend by attending a lecture by Jim Lovell, Apollo 13 Commander. We were able to score free tickets to the sold out event :) 

Lovell started the presentation with a little anecdote about meeting Tom Hanks who played him in the movie Apollo 13. Hanks had come to Austin to get background on the story and Lovell invited him to his home near Austin to talk more and watch videos from the mission.  The following is a clip of Lovell talking about flying Hanks to his home. (I didn't try to get video because we were too far back).

The flight was almost 50 years ago and Lovell is now 88 years old. He did a great job walking us through the flight from liftoff to return.He didn't talk much about the emotional side of it - maybe that has been dulled by the passing of time and all the lectures he has given. In this clip he talks about the watching the oxygen escape.

I never thought about this, but he mentioned that greater than the fear of dying on return to earth was the thought of being caught in an endless orbit as a permanent space monument. What a strange thing to contemplate.

He wrapped up the talk with a final piece of advice - keep a positive attitude. We all are going to have rough times and a positive attitude is essential to getting through it. You just have to put your head down and get through it. Incidentally, I could have used his pep talk this morning when I got on the scale - it was not what I had hoped for, but mostly what I deserved.  

I have been on the campus many times, but had never seen the dome at night. It was a fun surprise when we came out to our car after the lecture.
Saturday morning I met up with a friend to go to a Vintage Market. There were so many people and things to look at - complete sensory overload.  I am a sucker for glasses and if there had been an open spot in my cabinet these would have come home with me.
I was intrigued by this little glass canoe, but not sure if it has a particular use. Any ideas?

This lampshade isn't exactly my style but it did remind me it would be pretty easy to update a lampshade with a beautiful fabric.
I have a bunch of Scrabble tiles. Seeing these sell for 6 dollars makes me wonder about the fortune I am sitting on.
There was no part of me that was tempted to buy creepy aresol can baby. I wonder if anyone did.
I do enjoy personification of inanimate objects, but not so sure if this would fit in my life.
I could picture Zommie in this little doggie bed under a coffee table.
This a pretty fancy dog crate...Millie?
Arrows seemed to be a trend. We saw them in all sizes, materials and colors. I think these were my favorite.
The base of this table was a little more rustic than I like, but I loved the top.
I am also a sucker for license plate art, even though I don't have any yet. If I had a source of old license plates I would love to make something like this.
Or this one. I think it would be cool on a patio.
A cool light for a family room?
I found these goodies. I have actually had their bread and butter jalapenos before - so good. This vendor had samples of all their products - I tasted way too many.The strawberry/pepper jelly was so good on cream cheese with crackers.

When I got home my husband and I ran (and by ran I mean drove) to our new favorite Cuban Cafe for lunch. The owner was chatting with us while we were deciding what to order. He recommended these tacos and they did NOT disappoint. The pork is placed on a creamy spicy spread, topped with a bit of queso and a citrus veggie slaw. We both agreed we must have them again.
We also ordered the traditional Cuban sandwich - super flavorful.
After lunch my husband was working on a project for work, so I decided to take Millie and Zommie to the farm to play. We were enthusiastically greeted by Buddy.
His enthusiasm made it a little difficult to get out of the car. He was bouncing up and down as though he were on springs.
Millie and Buddy had a great time in the creek.
I am always amazed at their cooperation on retrieving sticks - although it does look like Millie is trying to push him out.
All we need to do is attach a cart to that stick and put those dogs to work.
A happy tired pup.
Two friends heading back up the trail to the house.
Of course, there was begging for ice cream on the porch

It was a fun afternoon - perfect spring weather. 
So that is Friday and Saturday...Sunday was a whole other day that I will share tomorrow. But for now it is Monday and time to get back to work. What's on your agenda this week?


  1. What a great weekend. Thanks for sharing. And can I just say that photo of the two dog friends walking side by side up the hill is priceless. That should be in a magazine or framed on a wall. I truly love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I loved how it looks like they are talking to each other too :)

  2. Could that canoe be a fancy ashtray? It looks like it has the lips on the end to hold a butt.

    Looks like a lovely weekend for you all. shake off the bad weight loss week and keep moving!

    1. I didn't think an ashtray..maybe. I definitely need to move in a different direction :)

  3. Wonderful weekend indeed! I love the dog pics! What what great finds! The canoe can maybe hold a dip or something?

    Sorry about the weigh in.

    1. I can't stop taking pics of those silly pups. The canoe was too small for dip - at least for me ;)

  4. I love those arrows! Very funky cool without being too much.

    1. I wonder how one would use them - maybe a family room? I didn't look at the price either.

  5. I love the dog pics!

    License plate art is so cool. This makes me want to get some.

    1. I think I might be on the lookout for some. I have the plates from my old car, but they just aren't that cool looking.

  6. As always, I love the dog pictures. Just made me smile!

    1. I am sure you would love to see those silly pups in person. Such joy!

  7. Those glasses are awesome!!!!!

    The event with Jim Lovell sounds like it was fabulous!!!!